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Last Day for Nellie’s Spring Cleaning Fundraiser

April 24


Collegiate is partnering with Nellie’s for a spring cleaning campaign. Using the unique Link/Code provided for 20% of all sales will be donated to Collegiate for student initiatives.

The campaign will run March 27th – April 24th with the possibility of extending!

Please share the Link/Code with family & friends:
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Nellie’s Fundraising Flyer, 2024

Nellie’s is a Canadian company that offers a planet friendly and safe alternative to traditional cleaning products, setting the stage for a fresh start. Their products are free of toxins and phosphates. Making the switch to Nellie’s is the perfect solution:

Powder Power:  Powder formulations that are free from added water and unnecessary fillers. This reduces environmental impact but also gives you a concentrated cleaning powerhouse.

Say No to Plastic:  Nellie’s offers its powder detergents in planet friendly, reusable and refillable tins, minimizing plastic waste and making your cleaning routine a sustainable one.

Concentrated Cleanliness:  Products are designed to be highly concentrated, offering you a little goes a long way approach. This not only reduces packaging waste, but also your cost per load.

Skin-Safe Cleaning:  Bid farewell to worries about skin irritations. Nellie’s uses simple, plant-based ingredients that are gentle on your skin while being tough on dirt and grime. Experience a new level of cleanliness without compromising your well being. Nellie’s products are gluten free and not tested on animals.

As you do your spring cleaning, make a choice that echoes through your home and the planet. Choose Nellie’s for a cleaner, greener you while support Collegiate Elementary! Go Grizzlies!


April 24
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