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Buchanan Park


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Ms. Schmelzle (OCT- FDK-A Teacher)
Ms. Saunders  (FDK-A DECE)
Ms. D. Paone(On Leave-Ms. Bennett LTO) – FDK- B Teacher)
Ms. Hammell (OCT-Grade 1/2)
Ms. Kellam (OCT-Grade 1/2)
Ms. Neil (OCT-Grade 3)
Ms. A. Clairmont (OCT-Grade 4/5)
Ms. M. Forbes (OCT-Grade 4/5)
 Ms. Falcone(On Leave-Ms. Girrotti LTO) (OCT-Grade 5/6)
Mr. Calabrese (OCT-Spec.Ed.)
 Ms. S. Myke  (OCT – LRT)
Ms. A. Clairmont (OCT-Music/Drama/Dance)
 Mr. F. Zorzetto (OCT-FSL/Prep)
 Ms. Puric (OCT-ESL/ELL)
Ms. Clemence (Educational Assistant)                    Ms. Alucema (Educational Assistant)                    Ms. Chomej (On Leave-Ms. Ivanovics LTO) (Educational Assistant)
  Mr. Playfair (OCT – Principal)
Ms. Hall (Office Adm.)
Mr. Wardell (Head Caretaker)

Mr. Griese(On Leave-Mr. Levstek LTO) (Night Caretaker)


Updated on Thursday, October 08, 2020.
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