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HWDSB Building


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2023-24 Balaclava Staff

Name Class/Assignment
Mrs. J. Marshall JSA
Ms. A. Hone JSA
Mr. Tudor JSB
Ms. S. Miranda JSB
Ms. K. Gilbank 1/2A
Mrs. M. Moase 1/2B
Mrs. C. Barrett 1/2C
Mrs. C. Button 2/3A
Mrs. S. Cassidy 3A
Ms. L. Wynne 4A
Ms. R. Spada 4/5A
Ms. J. Keyte 5/6A
Ms. P. Hrycenko 5/6B
Mrs. S. DeLong 7/8A
Mr. M. Ansty 7/8B
Ms. A. Cuddy (Mr. Wilker) 7/8C
Mrs. L. Wright

Ms. L. Wilson (days 2 & 4)

Core French
Mr. T. Nicks Physical Education
Mrs. McIntosh

Day 1, 3, 5

Mrs. P. Hrycenko Learning Commons
Mrs. L. Ardron (Mrs. B. Barnard) Learning Resource
Mrs. K Sisler Educational Assistant
Mrs. M. Wright/ Ms. A. Harron Educational Assistant
Mrs. M. Madley

Mr. E. Roberts

Mr. J. DeFederico

Mrs. D. Nelligan Office Administrator
Mrs. K. Keery Bishop Principal
Updated on Wednesday, May 08, 2024.
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