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Allan A. Greenleaf

Parent/Guardian Engagement Handbook

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Welcome to the Allan A. Greenleaf community!

As a member of our community, we hope to engage you in helping us foster a strong partnership between home and school, working together for the benefit of our students.

Parent/Guardian school engagement plays a very important role in student success and can include.
• Making learning an important part of a child’s day
• Supporting your child’s learning at home and at school
• Participating in the life of the classroom, school, and, or community

When parents/guardians engage in their children’s education, everyone benefits including students, parents/guardians, teachers, schools, and communities. Great schools can become even better places to teach and learn, and student achievement often improves.

At Allan A Greenleaf we support parent/guardian engagement in the following ways:
• Communication
• Academic Achievement
• Student Mental Health and Wellbeing
• Safe and Inclusive Schools
• Parent/Guardian Involvement

This handbook will provide you with important information and resources that will help you understand how you can get involved.


Stephen Yull, Principal          &            Stacey Johnson, Vice Principal


COMMUNICATION – Allan A. Greenleaf (AAG)

Effective, positive, and respectful two-way communication is essential. Here are the ways we communicate with parents/guardians.


The agenda is a calendar provided to students at the start of the school year and can be used as the primary means of communication between the teacher and parents/guardians. Parents are encouraged to check their child’s agenda each evening for notes, homework or communication from their child’s teacher. Review the first section of the agenda for communication and parent involvement, school procedures, academics, health and safety and the code of conduct references. The last section contains study tips and reference materials.


The school website has a calendar, the student handbook, bell times, and access to the parent portal for forms. https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/allanagreenleaf/


School newsletters and notifications of upcoming events and activities are posted on the website. Visit https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/allanagreenleaf/ Click the subscribe button to receive automatic email notifications. Emails are from HWDSB – [email protected]


The School Council includes parents/guardians, teachers, and principal. Voting members are determined at the first meeting and attend monthly meetings. These meetings are also open to all parents/guardians to attend as a guest. Council meeting minutes are posted online. https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/allanagreenleaf/about/school-council/ For more information on how to join or attend a council meeting see the ‘When and How to Communicate – School Level or Board Level’ section of this guide.



Parent Portal connects you to your child’s school online, anytime, anywhere.

Use it to:
• View your child’s grades and attendance
• Complete school and board forms online
• Report an absence from school
• Pay for school items or events using School Cash Online
• Find transportation information
• HWDSB App is available in the Android and Apple app stores.

SCHOOL MESSENGER                                                     

HWDSB and its schools also use SchoolMessenger for messages, and newsletters. It can also be used to report an absence. Families can download the free SchoolMessenger app, and parents/guardians can choose to receive messages by phone, email, the app or text (standard rates apply). https://go.schoolmessenger.ca/#/home


You will occasionally receive phone messages from synervoice. This service is used periodically throughout the school year, to remind families of important upcoming events etc..

School Cash Online

Our school uses School Cash Online for payment for trips, food days, events etc.. Parents/Guardians can register for School cash online using this link. https://hwdsb.schoolcashonline.com/


Communication – Hamilton Wentworth District

School Board (HWDSB)

You can also receive communications from the HWDSB Board.


Subscribe to news stories, media releases, weather alerts, school closure information and virtual blackboard (the monthly Board Newsletter). https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/about/media/subscribe/
To opt in to HWDSB SMS text messages, text Y or YES to 978338. Parents/Guardians must ensure their
contact information is up to date. Please contact your child’s school to provide current information.

Social Media

HWDSB welcomes and encourages two-way communication through social media platforms on Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/about/media/social-media-at-hwdsb/

HWDSB Digital Tools

For a complete list of available digital tools for families to help stay in touch with your child’s school, the
board and services visit: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/parent/

HWDSB Policies



Parent/Guardian Engagement and Code of Conduct

Parents/Guardians play a key role in the education of their children and can support the efforts of school staff in maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment for all students.

Parents/Guardian fulfill their role when they:
• Show an active interest in their child’s schoolwork and progress
• Communicate regularly with the school by telephone, student agenda or in person
• Help their child be neat, appropriately dressed, and prepared for school
• Ensure that their child attends school regularly and on time
• Promptly report to the school their child’s absence or late arrival
• Show that they are familiar with the Code of Conduct
• Encourage and assist their child in following the Rules of Behaviour
• Assist school staff in dealing with disciplinary issues involving their child

The Code of Conduct can be found in the Student Agenda or can be accessed on the AAG website in the student handbook: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/allanagreenleaf/student-handbook/

When and How to Communicate – School Level or Board Level?

When and How to Reach out to your Child’s Teacher?

Our Staff list is on the website https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/allanagreenleaf/about/staff-list2/

Teachers establish their own approach to communicating with parents/guardians. It may include the agenda, during parent/guardian teacher meetings or conferences, classroom newsletters, phone, text, or through social media. If you have a concern related to the classroom experience, please contact the teacher, or call the office.

When and How to Reach out to the Office, Principal or Vice Principal?

To contact the office, you can call 905-690-6813 or email [email protected] and Ms. Frasson or Mrs. Hyslop will be happy to help. If your issue and concern cannot be resolved at the classroom level, please call the office, and ask to speak with the Principal or Vice Principal.

Not sure who to contact? Review ‘Addressing Concerns @HWDSB https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Addressing-Concerns-HWDSB.pdf


When and how to become a member of Parent Council as a voting member?

Parents/Guardians interested in joining School Council must submit a self-nomination form prior to the deadline and attend the first School Council meeting. In the first meeting we vote in executive positions including a chairperson, a Vice Chairperson/Co-chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, and other may become general voting members.

The primary function of council is to act as an advisor body to the principal. Functions include helping make decisions regarding school policies, boundary issues, raising safety concerns, organizing, and running school/community events, coordinating fundraising and parent/guardian engagement initiatives. Council works collaboratively to establish the best learning environment for our students.

The more people we have involved in the council, the more we can do for the Allan A. Greenleaf Community! Volunteering may include helping on Food Days, Spirit Wear Sales, Poinsettia Sales, Meet the Teacher, Open House, Commencement and staff appreciation week in May etc.

Please join us!
• Learn what is going on in the school
• Help develop a safe learning environment
• Help create strong school spirit
• Meet other parents and build stronger ties to the school and staff
• Ensure our council reflects the diversity within our community

Meeting dates are on the school website.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with events.

Email: [email protected]

AAG Council Page: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/allanagreenleaf/about/school-council/

HWDSB Information on Council: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/elementary/get-involved/councils/

When and how to attend parent council as a non-voting member?

Council meetings are held monthly. Non-members (observers and guests) are encouraged to attend School Council meetings to learn more about what is happening at Allan A. Greenleaf. Please note we do not discuss specific issues or concerns regarding students, teachers, or classrooms in these meetings. Non-members cannot table agenda items, participate in decision making, or vote on motions during the meeting. Contact the Chair in advance of the meeting to make a request to present as a guest, to propose an agenda item, or motions for council to consider.


Parent/Guardian Volunteers

We consider our parent/guardian volunteers a special resource. Parents/Guardians and community members are encouraged to help in the classrooms, assist in the library, and participate on committees and on School Council as well as help with extra-curricular activities. Those wishing to help as a volunteer should contact the school office for details about the process of becoming a volunteer. All onsite volunteers require a Vulnerable Sector Screening Report. This report must be renewed every 3 years and each year in between a declaration must be signed. To obtain such a report an adult must pick up an application form from the school office and take it to the Hamilton Police Services Headquarters on King William Street in Hamilton. Our office will also give you a letter that states that you are asking for the information to volunteer in a school, which reduces the cost! It takes up to 30 days for the report to be prepared. Once you have obtained the report, a copy is filed at the school. If you are volunteering, you MUST get a Report as soon as possible, so that you can take advantage of opportunities as they arise. You cannot attend school trips without a Police Check.

When and how to reach out to the Ward 15 School Board Trustee

If your issue or concern cannot be resolved at the school level or it would best be addressed at the Board level reach out to your Trustee. Trustees are officials, elected to serve parents/guardians, students, taxpayers, and the school system. They are the link between communities and the school board, ensuring Hamilton public schools meet the diverse needs of students in their communities. AAG is in Ward 15 and our Trustee is Penny Deathe. https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/allanagreenleaf/about/our-trustee/

How to get involved at a Board level?

HWDSB Board Meetings and Board Committees Trustees attend School Board meetings on a regular basis at public meetings. You can listen to the audio live stream or read the minutes. Members of the public can request delegate status to present information to the Trustees. Minutes of each meeting are posted on the Web site after approval by Trustees.


There are various committees for parents/guardians or students or volunteers, and various surveys to help inform board strategies, policies, and action plans. Examples include: Human Rights & Equity Advisory Committee, Parent Involvement Committee, Special Education Advisory Committee, French as a Second Language Community Advisory Committee, Faith Community Advisory Committee, First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Advisor Committee, among others.

The board has a strategic plan that guides their priorities: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/about/strategicdirections-2/

Academic Achievement

Parents/Guardians can support academic achievement in the following ways:

Reading at Home

Reading to your child at home is one of the best things you can do to improve your child’s reading and listening skills. Literacy starts at home and parents/guardians can develop their child’s interest in reading by setting an example themselves by reading a variety of materials. Also, build time into life’s busy schedule to include visits to the local library with your family.


Homework can provide practice that reinforces classroom learning and provide opportunities for independent study, research, and creative thinking. Please note that work completed at home is not used by the teachers to assess learning. However, homework is a key skill which can be tracked, monitored, and reported on in the Learning Skills section of the Provincial Report Card. Parents/ Guardians can help their children by arranging time, a quiet workplace and by seeing that assignments are completed. Students receive varying amounts of homework, according to their grade level.

Report Cards

Report Cards are issued following the process outlined in the Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting in Ontario Schools 2010. This document is available on the Ontario Ministry of Education website. http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/policyfunding/growsuccess.pdf Ontario Schools will provide a general progress report in November. The first formal Report Card will be available in February, and the second formal Report Card will be available in June. Please take the time to share and complete the final page of the report card with your child.


Other Supports and Resources

Supporting Student Mental Health and Wellbeing

HWDSB statement/policy – Student Mental Health and Well-being

Additional Resources

• https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/secondary/supports/mental-health-and-well-being/
• https://smho-smso.ca/covid-19/parents-and-families/
• https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Self-Care-101.pdf
• https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/COVID-19-Mental-Health-and-Wellbeing-Resources_2020.pdf

Supporting Safe and Inclusive Schools

HWDSB Positive Climate: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/elementary/supports/safe-schools/bullying-prevention/
Ontario Resources for Creating Safe and Accepting Schools: http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/parents/safeschools.html#Parents

Equity and Inclusion

• Human Rights and Equity: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/about/equity/
• Events and significance: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/about/media/events/

Parent/Guardian Engagement

• http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/parents/parents_matter.html
• http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/parents/multiLanguages.html



This guide was developed by the School Council of Allan A. Greenleaf using the Ministry of Education Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grant funds. The purpose of this guide is to inform and engage parents and families in our school community by sharing key information and resources. Thank you to the Ministry of Education for funding this parent engagement initiative.

Parents, teachers, the Principal and Vice Principal assisted with the development of these materials through research and consultation. We thank them for their assistance.

The following people were involved in the development of this guide:
• Cheryl Brown – Parent (Research and Development)
• Stacey Johnson – Vice Principal (editing and approval)
• Rebecca Hessels – Parent (Graphics and Design)
• Richard Lee- Parent (printing) &



Updated on Monday, November 07, 2022.
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