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Tiffany Hills

Bus Transportation and Other Reminders

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Bus Transportation and Other Reminders

We have had a wonderfully busy and successful start to our school year, and I would like to thank all of the families for helping their children return to a consistent school routine.  We  have already settled in to some fabulous learning and making new friends in the process.  Here are a few reminders about our school:

  • Dismissal Routines:  Please ensure that your children know and understand their dismissal routine.  It is also very helpful that the classroom teacher knows the routine as well.  Please let us know whether your child will be picked up in the front foyer, is expected to walk home each day (and with who), if your child takes the bus, or if they go to the daycare each day.
  • Bus Transportation is based on grade and distance to the school.  If your child qualifies for a seat on the school bus because of the distance to the school, you would have received a letter in the mail from HWSTS telling you the time and location of the bus pick up/drop off.  If you did not receive a letter, your child will walk to and from school each day.  Check our Board website under Policies for the Transportation Policy of HWDSB.
  • Courtesy Seats on the Bus:  Each October, I will assess the number of available seats on the bus.  This needs to be done each year and therefore students who received a courtesy seat last year, may not be granted one this year.  Once the bus routes are settled and student registrations are complete, and if there is space, I am able to approve other students for a seat on the school bus.  Courtesy Transportation Applications can be picked up from the main office and returned.  In October, I will review the seating space on the buses and contact you if there is a seat available for your child.
  • The school bell time is 9:00 AM.  Please ensure your child arrive at school before the bell (between 8:45 and 9:00) so that he or she can enter the school with their peers and start their day successfully.
  • Absences:  Please ensure you inform the school office if your child will be late or absent from school for any reason.  Our school office phone number is:  905-304-6223.
  • Road Safety:  Please remind your child to travel carefully to and from school each day.  There is much traffic along Raymond Rd. and it can be extremely busy during entry and dismissal times.  Remind students to obey the Crossing Guards and be aware of traffic around them at all times.  Parents who pick up their children from school each day, please use the “kiss-and-ride” lanes in the north parking lot, or find a parking spot on the road or in our front parking lot.  Please do not wait for your child by waiting in the school driveways.

Thank you again for your support and partnership in your child’s safety and education.

Updated on Wednesday, September 06, 2017.
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