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Tiffany Hills

Welcome Back, Students and Families!

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Welcome Back, Students and Families!

Welcome back to school to all of our new and returning Tiffany Hills families!  We are excited for the start of the first full year at our still-new school.  We hope everyone has had a wonderful summer with family and friends, whether you travelled abroad, or within & around our community and city.  I hope all of our students are excited for a brand new year, with new learning, new goals and hopefully some new friendships too!

For those of you wondering, here are our first day procedures:

  • As children arrive at school, all Grade 1-8 students will go directly to the gym.  Please do not arrive before 8:45 as there is no supervision before that time; however, you do not have to wait until the 9:00 bell to enter the gym.
  • Mr. Cronsberry will greet buses and walkers and direct them to the gym doors.  Ms. Miscas will be at the gym doors greeting as well and directing students to their grade location.
  • In the gym, students should find their Grade sign and the nearby class list.  They can ask for help or look for their name on the list.  Once you find your name and teacher, sit under the teachers’ sign in the gym.  If you can’t find your name on a class list, don’t worry.  Just ask.  We’ll make sure everyone has a class!
  • Staff will be on hand to welcome and assist students to find their classes and teacher.
  • Once all the grades are organized,teachers will take their students to their classroom and  begin a wonderful first day of school.
  • Please ensure that your child knows his or her dismissal routine for the end of the day:  Example:  Who will be picking them up and where to meet; where to meet siblings and friends with whom to walk home; which bus route they are on etc.  Our dismissal will be the same as last year:  walkers dismiss by exiting out the back of the school; bus students exit out the primary entrance; students being picked up will exit out of the main entrance to the school or meet parents in the front foyer.  If you do not see your parent, do not go outside.  Speak to the duty teacher or come to the office.

I will post more reminders and information next week.  Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and a fabulous first day at Tiffany Hills Elementary School!  I look forward to a wonderful year together.

Updated on Sunday, September 03, 2017.
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