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École Élémentaire Michaëlle Jean


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Ms. B. Arsovic – Principal

Mrs. J. Osmond – Office Administrator


Mr. R. Daniels – Head caretaker

Mr. J. Morrow – Caretaker


Mme Giroux – Grade 1A

Mlle Mizzi – Grade 1B

Mme Gale – Grade 1C

Mme Smith – Grade 2A

Mme A. Flett – Grade 2B

Mme Lord – Grade 3A

Mme Letchford – Grade 3B

M Lanillos – Grade 4A

M Karpiuk – Grade 4/5A

Mme Fernandes – Grade 6/7A

Mme Collins – Grade 7/8

Mme Hayes – LRT / Social Studies/Language

Mme Hlahla – Core English

Mme Smyth – Library

M Eastwood – Music / English

Updated on Thursday, April 12, 2018.
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