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Cecil B. Stirling

SCHOOL CASH ONLINE….. at C.B. Stirling (Starting SOON)

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SCHOOL CASH ONLINE….. at C.B. Stirling (Starting SOON)

Starting SOON Dates will be posted on the website when we are all set up…..
Online Payment Option
With the support of School Cash Online, we’re making paying for school related expenses easier.
You’ll be able to make online payments through our school website. This is a Win-win by making it safer and more efficient for everyone by reducing the amount of cash and cheques coming into our school. While parents will still have the option to send cash or cheque for school related expenses, we encourage you to get on board with our new service.

How to register
It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Step 1: Go to the link on our school website or by visiting HWDSB School Cash Online (https://hwdsb.schoolcashonline.com)
Step 2: Register by selecting the “Get Started Now” and following the steps
Step 3: After you receive the confirmation email, please select the ‘click here’ option,
sign in and add each of your children to your household account.
If you have any problems with the registration process, the parent help desk is available
24/7 by calling 1-866-961-1803 (toll-free) or by email at

Updated on Friday, September 08, 2017.
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