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 Below you will find a list of the current staff.  To access the classroom link, click on the teacher name.

 **Please note that not all teachers have links to their classrooms and some classroom websites are password protected.  Please contact your child’s teacher for the password if required.

 2017/2018 Staff List 

Class Name
Kindergarten (FDK) Mr. Simpson, Ms. Steeves & Mrs. Schneidersmann
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Kitchen & Mrs. Stinson
Kindergarten (FDK) Ms. Minnett & Mrs. Feaver
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Brooks & Ms. Deane
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Zenone & Ms. Howden
Kindergarten (FDK) Ms. Denholm (LTO for Mrs. DiCroce) & Mrs. Callaghan
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Kuczerepa & Mrs. Geear
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Mekanic & Ms. Millen
Kindergarten (FDK) Mrs. Augustine & Ms. Conrad
Kindergarten (FDK) Ms. Hill
Grade 1 Mr. Ritchie (LTO for Mrs. Shaubel)
Grade 1 Mrs. Wilkinson
Grade 1 Mrs. Kawamura
Grade 1 Ms. Casale
Grade 1 Ms. Robinson
Grade 1/2 Mrs. Bilowus
Grade 2 Ms. Duckett
Grade 2 Mrs. Hunter
Grade 2 Mrs. Pidberezny
Grade 2 Mrs. Smith
Grade 2 Mrs. Augustine
Grade 3 Mrs. Sellers
Grade 3 Ms. Leavens
Grade 3 Mrs. Gibbons and Ms. Hamilton
Grade 3 Ms. Puddicombe
Grade 3 Ms. Jelly
Grade 3/4 Mrs. Mestekemper
Grade 4 Mrs. Lees
Grade 4 Mr. Tyrell
Grade 4 Mrs. Sladin
Grade 4 Ms. Watson
Grade 5 Mrs. Busch
Grade 5 Mrs. Rau
Grade 5 Mrs. Burfoot
Grade 5 Mrs. Kuttenkeuler
Grade 6 Mrs. Rayment
Grade 6 Mrs. Cronsberry
Grade 6 Mrs. Dalgleish (am) & Mrs. Thornton (pm)
Grade 6/7 Ms. Brown
Grade 7 Ms. McCoy
Grade 7 Mr. Alagappan
Grade 7 Mrs. Armstrong
Grade 8 Mrs. Kuhn – Stewart
Grade 8 Mr. Scott
Grade 8 & Physical Education Mr. Karamath
ASD Mr. Chatelain
Learning Resource Ms. Contant
Learning Resource Mrs. Prohaszka
Learning Resource Mrs. Shewfelt
Teacher Librarian Mrs. Angle
Physical Education & Health Mr. Hammond
Physical Education & Health Mr. Shepherd
French Mme. Lukic
French Mme Scornaienchi
French Mme Perri
Primary Music Mrs. Parente
Instrumental Music Mrs. Ledroit
Prep Coverage Mrs. Love-Stirling
Prep Coverage Ms. Wignall
Prep Coverage Ms. Green
Reading Specialist Mrs. Stewart
Educational Assistant Mrs. Katz
Educational Assistant Ms. Rothwell
Educational Assistant Mrs. Miller
Educational Assistant Mrs. Westermann
Educational Assistant Ms. Dooley
Educational Assistant Ms. Power
Educational Assistant Ms. Laity
Educational Assistant Ms. Last
Office Administrator Mrs. Rounce
Office Assistant Mrs. Leece
Office Assistant Mrs. Folino
Head Caretaker Mr. Ryder
Assistant Caretaker Mr. Sanchez
Assistant Caretaker Ms. Dionne
Assistant Caretaker Ms. Fisher
Assistant Caretaker Ms. Bill
Assistant Caretaker Mr. Schlarb
Vice Principal Mr. Azzopardi
Vice Principal Mrs. Dunford
Principal Mr. Heer


Updated on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.
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