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2023-2024 Westview Staff

S. Neville – Principal

C. Gesse 6A

P. Lees 67A

A. Kuchma 78A

E. Read 7A

M. Feeney 7B

E. Dobrowsky 7C

E. Daley 8A

D. Swartman 8B

P. Martindale 8C

E. Toohey-Phillipson – AUJI

B. Flewelling – French

K. Josefik – French .5

N. Ritson – Music

S. Tapuska – Learning Resource Teacher

P. Mousseau – Elementary Student Success Teacher

L. Puric – ESL Teacher

S. Titone – Child and Youth Care Practitioner

N. Sorensen – Educational Assistant

K. Tripp – Educational Assistant

J. Roelfson – Educational Assistant

K. Merritt – Educational Assistant

C. Huet – Educational Assistant

S. Paterson – Office Administrator

M. Vukosa – Head Caretaker

K. Moning – Caretaker

R. Palmieri – Caretaker

Updated on Friday, February 23, 2024.
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