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Programs of Choice like SAGE have long been at the forefront of education. Similar to models in Toronto, London and Ottawa, this program will deliver the Ontario Curriculum in an integrated manner through a co-operative, non-competitive classroom environment. Special focus is given to global education, particularly in the areas of diversity, the environment, and exploration of the arts.

SAGE is operated by Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB). As a program in public education, SAGE is subject to HWDSB policies. That is, hours, funding, attendance, teacher/student ratios, etc. will be consistent with other HWDSB programs. At the same time, SAGE explores innovative, cooperative learning modes within the umbrella of the public system. Ultimately, SAGE is an excellent example of how public education can creatively meet the needs and reflect the values of a diverse body of citizens.

This program will be of particular interest to families who want to actively participate in their child’s education, as it involves a time commitment of 12-15 hours per month from the family. This commitment can be in class or after hours.

The SAGE Program is built around five fundamental goals:

  1. Establish partnership between parents and teachers
  2. Use innovative teaching methods
  3. Build community between school, home and neighbourhood
  4. Incorporate global education into the curriculum
  5. Foster the arts and physical education
Updated on Thursday, May 31, 2018.
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