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HWDSB Building

Staff 2023-2024

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Staff at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary School are an energetic, talented and committed group of individuals. Through careful recruitment and selection the school has assembled a staff with excellent qualifications and sound experience. Through ongoing training and development activities staff continually upgrade their qualifications and expertise. This continuous improvement in skills and expertise ensures the delivery of quality education to our students.

Below you will find a list of the current staff. 

                                                   2023/2024 Staff List 

Class Name
Kindergarten JSA A. Onat & M. Parkin
Kindergarten JSB M. Mitchell & J. Boccaccio
Kindergarten JSC T. Anderson-Wong & K. Kertoci
Kindergarten JSD L. McGrimmond & S. Saffaf Masri
Kindergarten JSE S. Manojlovik & D. Kobe
Kindergarten JSF R. Hone & E. LeGree
Kindergarten JSG E. Jovanovic & S. Akther
Grade 1A L. Milinkovic
Grade 1B J. Smith
Grade 1/2A K. Groleau/J. Moore
Grade 1/2B T. Jones
Grade 2A A. George
Grade 2B A. Valderrama
Grade 2C J. Kirkpatrick
Grade 2/3A M. O’Connor
Grade 3A L. Colasanzio
Grade 3B T. Hitchcock
Grade 3C E. Mueller
Grade 3/4A M. Lewis
Grade 4A A. Cole
Grade 4B A. Tessaro
Grade 4/5A K. Luker
Grade 5A M. Collingwood
Grade 5B S. Ellsmere
Grade 5C J. Engelage
Grade 6A R. Maynard
Grade 6B C. Moase
Grade 6C K. Kirkpatrick
Grade 7A M. Mills
Grade 7B S. Coddington
Grade 7/8A M. McAllister
Grade 7/8B B. Passfield
Grade 8A A. Byrne
Grade 8B C. Santaguida
Grade 8C M. Tuite
ExSL L. Rogers
French K. Silver
French J. Raynham
French C. Riccobon
Physical Education S. Pettersen
Music T. Vyse
Library / Literacy M. Serra
Prep K. Scott
Primary Coverage S. Trotti
Learning Resource M. Cryer
Learning Resource C. Grewal
Learning Resource S. Watanabe
Ms. Miron L. Miron
Ms. Kamboh R. Kamboh
ESST M. Woods
Reading Specialist J. Johnston
Math Facilitator J. Murray
CYCP K. Burke
Social Work G. Glenny-Burke
Educational Assistant B. Erben
Educational Assistant A. Abu Errub
Educational Assistant N. Pereira
Educational Assistant T. Ridout
Educational Assistant A. Tokiwa
Educational Assistant A. Hillen
Educational Assistant O. Slota
Educational Assistant TBD
Educational Assistant TBD
Educational Assistant L. Knight
Educational Assistant B. Lansley
Educational Assistant A. El-Ashi
Educational Assistant
Educational Assistant
Educational Assistant L. Perry (ExSL)
Educational Assistant J. Fish (ExSL)
Head Caretaker D. Chaston
Caretaker M. Bielak
Assistant Caretaker J. Benitez, J. Boyle, E. Jedrzejewicz, D. Sandoval de Funes
Principal K. Reilly-Scott
Vice Principal T. Kivell
Office Administrator N. Adam
Office Assistant T. Mantini
Updated on Tuesday, December 19, 2023.
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