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FOOD DRIVE – Monday to Thursday NEXT WEEK (Feb. 27 – March 2)

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FOOD DRIVE – Monday to Thursday NEXT WEEK (Feb. 27 – March 2)

Rousseau’s Annual Food Drive is starting next week on Monday, and ending Thursday (Feb. 27th – March 2nd). Food will be collected by community volunteers on March 2nd from the Ancaster Community Food Drive. 

We are asking families to consider sending in non-perishable food items such as canned food, baby food, dry pasta, rice, lunch snacks, flour & sugar, powdered milk , etc.(complete list below). Grocery gift cards would also be a helpful donation because they will be used by families in need to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.

Students are asked to bring all food and grocery gift card donations to their classrooms, if they wish, starting Monday. Some families may also already be donating to the Ancaster Community Food Drive in other ways, so this Rousseau effort is just a suggestion.

Let’s all collaborate at Rousseau to help people in need and make this another successful and wonderful Rousseau Food Drive!

Grade 6 Students (6A and 5/6A)

Food Drive Items

from www.AncasterFoodDrive.ca

— canned vegetables, fruit, beans

— dry pasta/kraft dinner

— crackers

— boxed and bagged foods

— cereal

— baby food

— powdered milk

— peanut butter (safe, because it is sealed properly)

— rice

— flour & sugar (for baking)

— meat soups (Meat is perishable. That’s why we could bring meat soup – for important protein)

Students can also bring grocery gift cards so families can buy fresh fruits & vegetables!

Updated on Friday, February 24, 2023.
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