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Lincoln Alexander


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Lincoln Alexander Staff 2021-2022

Our Goal:  To create a safe and positive environment where all children are provided with an education that meets their diverse learning needs and allows them to reach their full potential!

E. Amaral DECE JK/SK
H. Benvenga JK/SK
C. Berta Gr. 2/3
A. Blais Jr. French & Music/Drama
D. Blonski ExSL Teacher
C. Boehler ExSL Educational Assistant
M. Bourassa DECE JK/SK
M. Brandon-Rooth Learning Resource Teacher
S. Chinambu Educational Assistant
I. Duemm Gr. 3
C. Jewitt Educational Assistant
C. Johnson Gr. 1/2
K. Maudsley Gr. 5/6
K. McGregor Educational Assistant
H. McNulty Reading Specialist
B. Moscardini JK/SK
S. Moulton Gr. 1
T. Pitkeathly Gr. 4/5
M. Pullen ExSL Educational Assistant
B. Romero JK/SK
K. Russell Educational Assistant
H. Tadeson Library/Music/Drama K-3
W. Vandenburg Phys. Ed K – 3 (Days 1-5; 8:20 – 11:30 a.m. only)
K. Woods Gr. 5/6
T. Lawrence Head Caretaker
J. DaSilva Afternoon Caretaker
I. Siyad Afternoon Caretaker
A. Hunter Office Administrator
V. Prpa Principal
Updated on Tuesday, October 19, 2021.
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