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Lincoln Alexander


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Lincoln Alexander Staff 2022-2023

JSA Kindergarten Mrs. Benvenga
Ms. Glover (DECE)
JSB Kindergarten Mx. Taylor
Ms. Bourassa (DECE)
JSC Kindergarten Mrs. Moscardini
1A Mrs. Moulton
12A Ms. Dao
2A Mrs. Johnson
3A Mrs. Berta
34A Mrs. Duemm (AM)
Mr. Richardson (PM)
45A Mr. Pitkeathly
5A Mr. Woods
6A Mrs. Maudsley
ExSL Mr. Blonski
French Mrs. Chanthankone
Library/Music/Drama Mrs. Tadeson
Health Mrs. Innes
Phys. Ed/Dance Mr. Ross
Reading Specialist Ms. Zablocki
Learning Resource Mrs. Brandon-Rooth
Updated on Monday, February 26, 2024.
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