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HWDSB Building

Staff and Classes 2022-2023

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Let’s Stay Connected

Here is how you can reach us:    School Phone #: 905-388-4731

Email: franklinroad@hwdsb.on.ca

Website: https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/franklinroad/

Staff Class Room Number Extension
 Mrs. J. Carruthers/ Ms. P. Scott (DECE) JKSKA 152 5701
Mrs. V. Moir/ Mrs. S.  Kellar (DECE) JKSKB 151 5735
Mrs. J. Simon/Ms. C.  Pretto (DECE) JKSKC 112 5705
Mrs. K. Walmsley/Ms. C Gill (LTO DECE) JKSKD 103 5707
Mr. R.  Phibbs 1A 139 5713
Ms. B. Daniels (LTO) 1B 136 5712
Mrs. A.  Harman-Rammo 1/2A 140 5703
Mrs. A. Marazia 2A 143 5717
Mrs. C. Reitsma 2/3A 144 5710
Mrs. N.  Riga 2/3B 132 5716
Mrs. L. Calvert 2/3C 137 5714
Mrs. K. Edward 3A 131 5725
Ms. J. Mesquita (LTO) 3/4A 130 5719
Mr. P. Matsell 4A 126A 5715
Mrs. N.  Noiles

Ms. N. Giles

4/5A 126B 5718


Mrs. N. McGowan 5A 111 5721
Ms. J. Long (LTO)

Mr. P. Richardson

5/6A 106 5724
Mr. T. Ayre 5/6B Portable 5723
Mr. M. Weingartner 6A Portable 5728
Mr. J. Lacentra 7/8A 106 5727
Mr. M. Gerritsen 7/8B 110 5734
Mr. P. Smith 7/8C 107 5736
Ms. C.  Mair 8A 109 5730
Mrs. A.  Skinner Leaning Resource Teacher K-Gr. 3/4 145 5731
Mrs. A. Ireland Learning Resource Teacher Gr. 4-8 104 5732
Mr. J. MacQueen Primary HPE/Dance/Drama 5733
Ms. I. Moyano (LTO) Jr. French, Primary PE/Library 5738
Mr. C. Barletta Int. Music/Primary Music/Dance/Drama 5739
Ms. E. Zucker (LTO) Jr/Int French 5747
Ms. L. Herale (LTO) Jr. French
Ms. H. Qureshi (LTO) Primary PE/Library 5752
Mr. P. Gilchrist Math Facilitator
Mrs. H. Utjesinovic Reading Specialist
Mr. P. Zdero ESL Teacher
Ms. St. John



Child and Youth Care Practitioner (CYCP, AIM Program)


Ms. A. Edmonds

Ms. D. Giglia

Ms.T.  Cole Atkinson (LTO)

Ms. M. Haque (LTO)

Ms. M. Prine

Ms. B. Minielly

Ms.A.  McNeil

Ms.A.  Boyak

Ms. O. Alswidan (LTO)

Ms. K. Kolne

Educational Assistants
Mr. Wilshire Head Caretaker
Updated on Tuesday, February 21, 2023.
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