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Franklin Road

Staff and Classes 2019-20

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Here is how you can reach us:    School Phone #: 905-388-4731

Position Staff Name Room # Classroom Blog / Website
Principal Mr. Yull
Vice Principal Mrs. Dunford
Office Administrators Mrs. Eustace & Mrs. MacDonald
Head Caretaker Mr. Erickson
Kindergarten Mrs. Harman-Rammo & Ms. Lombardi 151 Mrs. Harman-Rammo & Ms. Lombardi’s Blog
Kindergarten Ms. Moir &  Mrs. Scott  152  Mrs. Moir & Mrs. Scott’s Blog
Kindergarten Mrs. Simon & Mrs. Farruggia 112
Kindergarten Mrs. Walmsley & Ms. Bayne  103
Kindergarten Ms. Moscardini & Ms. Pretto 104
Kindergarten Mr. Novakovich (.2 Kindergarten Coverage)
1A Mrs. Gocentas 137
 1B Mrs. Carruthers 136
1/2 Mr. Phibbs 139
2B Mr. Matsell 140
2A Mrs. Calvert 143
2/3 Mrs. Marzia 127
3 Mrs. Riga 132
3/4 Mrs. Noiles 144
4 Mrs. McGowan 131
4/5 Mrs. Mordeca 130
5 Mrs.  Edward 105
5/6 Mr. Richardson 126
6 Mrs. McGillis 111
7/8A Mrs. Marcellini & Ms. Mair 109/Gym
7/8B Mr.  Weingartner 107  Mr. Weingartner’s Blog
7/8C Mr. Lacentra 106  Mr. Lacentra’s Blog
LRT Mrs. Skinner 145
LRT Mrs. Ireland 145
Library Ms. Faulkner​ Library
Phys. Ed/Health Mr.  MacQueen Gym
Reading Specialist Mrs. Hall 145
Math Facilitator Ms. Kauth
ESL Mr.  Zdero (LTO Ms. Sud)
Library Ms. Faulkner​
French Ms. Stewart Portable
French Mr. Van Trigt Portable
Instrumental Music Ms. Faulkner​ Library
E.A. Mrs. Gagnon, Mrs. Edmonds, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Giglia, Mrs. Kolne, Mrs. Flood, Ms. Prine, Ms. Giuliano
Aim Program Ms. St John


Updated on Tuesday, January 14, 2020.
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