Supporting Students

Student Support Grants

Student Support Grants were established in order to respond to emergency or extraordinary needs of HWDSB students.

These requests are intended to support a student’s basic personal needs, contribute to helping a student come to or stay in school, or support a student who wants to participate in a school activity where lack of funds would mean the student could not participate.

How your gift can help a student:

  • A new pair of running shoes so they can fully participate in gym class or a new pair of cleats so they can play on the soccer team ($50 donation)
  • A new winter coat and winter boots so they come to school warm, happy and ready to learn ($100 donation)
  • Post-secondary application so they can fulfill their dream of attending College or University ($150 donation)
  • Safety shoes, work coveralls and the cost of a criminal reference check so they can full participate in a Co-op placement and get hands on work experience ($250 donation)

Invest in a student’s well-being today!

Please note: All applications are to be submitted by an HWDSB staff member through the online Student Support grant application. If you are an HWDSB staff looking to apply, please CLICK HERE


Student Awards

Students are at the heart of all we do and Hamilton Foundation for Student Success wants to ensure that all HWDSB students have the financial means to complete their academic journey.  To facilitate this success, the Foundation works with community partners to offer student awards in the form of scholarships and bursaries.

Type of Award Description of Award
Scholarship Recognizes a student based on academic achievement
Bursary Available to a student with financial need

Student awards play a key role in helping students stay in school, realize their dreams and build a rewarding career.

Establishing a Student Award

Student awards can be annually funded or created in the form of an endowment where the capital (the gift), is retained and only the interest is used to fund your award each year. By selecting one of these options you will help to transform the life of a HWDSB student.

Endowed Awards: An endowed award will exist in perpetuity, as the capital remains untouched. Hamilton Foundation for Student Success has partnered with the Hamilton Community Foundation so to ensure that only the investment income is awarded each year. The minimum annual value required for a new endowed award is $150, which requires a commitment of $5,000 at the current spending policy rate of 3.5%.

Expendable Awards: An expendable award exists only for the period of time that funding is provided and is expended in its entirety for this duration, annually. It does not earn investment income. The minimum value of a new annual award is $50 and a five-year commitment is preferred.

A financial award gives a student much more than money. It gives them encouragement and recognition for hard work and achievement. It is a tangible reminder for the student that others share a belief in the importance of education. Thank you for supporting generations of bright young minds.

For more information, please contact:
Amy Leaming Cote
Hamilton Foundation for Student Success
905-527-5092 ext. 2436
[email protected]