Be Safe Bundles

Last updated on Wednesday, February 09, 2022

HWDSB students are back to school and educators are learning about new needs students have as they adapt to new learning environments.
By purchasing one of our #BeSafeBundles, you can help to support these student needs. 

For the past decade, The Hamilton Foundation for Student Sucess has been offering Student Succes Grants to make going to school as accessible as possible for students facing extraordinary or emergency financial obstacles during their education journey.

With the uncertainty risen during the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is even more important that we work together to help ensure every student has equitable access to learn in a safe enviroment. This year, we are introducing our #BeSafeBundles. For only $25.00, you can purchase one, which includes an HWDSB branded reusable face mask, reusable water bottle, lanyard and hand sanitizer. You can choose to have the items shipped to your house for your own use or you can opt to donate the Be Safe Bundle to a child in need in HWDSB schools.  

Your donation guarantees that students have their own pencils, rulers, erasers, markers and other basic supplies. While physical distancing and complying with other COVID-19 protocols, students who cannot afford school supplies and may normally use in-class school supplies that are shared amongst students are unable to do so safely.

The picture is not representing one Be safe Bundle. A single Be Safe Bundle includes 1 non-medical face mask (not intended to replace social distancing), a 16oz aluminum water bottle, a 10oz antibacterial cleanser gel, and a lanyard. 

You can purchase a Be Safe Bundle today at:

If you’re unable to donate at this time, but want to help, we encourage you to  share our mission and the links to the Be Safe Bundle donation page with friends and family! 

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