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Class/Grade Staff Name Title
Mr. C. Hazell Temporary Principal
Mrs. M. Reid Office Administrator
Ms. S. Coles Office Administrator
Mr. G. Baglin Head Caretaker
Ms. C. Cabral Caretaker
FDKA Mrs. L. Cometto Teacher
Ms. R. Botelho DECE
FDKB Ms. R. Hill Teacher
Ms. C. Cameron DECE
FDKC Mrs. T. Thompson Barone Teacher
Ms. M. Biancucci DECE
FDKD Ms.K. Lucyshyn Teacher
Ms. R. Attwood DECE
Grade 1 Ms. N. Beam Teacher
Grade 1 Ms. J. Beamsley Teacher
Grade 2 Ms. E. Webster Teacher
Grade 2/3 Mr. D. Bouwman Teacher
Grade 3 Ms. R. Gal Lima Teacher
Grade 4/5 Mr. R. Ordowich Teacher
Grade 4 Ms. T. McDonald Teacher
Grade 5 Ms. B. Grosso Teacher
French/Prep Mme. S. Meade Teacher
Primary Prep Ms. A. McTaggart Teacher
Prep and Library Ms. Mrs. M. DiFalco Teacher
Prep and Learning Resource Mr. M. Sinke Teacher
Learning Resource Ms. L. Scott Teacher
ESL Mrs. S. Flavelle Teacher
ESL Ms. L. Fothergill Teacher
Reading Specialist Ms. K Knapp Teacher
Ms. J Paul EA
Ms. J. Tondreau EA
Mrs. C. Wilson EA
Ms. N. Gerritsen EA
Ms.K. Agbonkpolor LTO EA


Updated on Sunday, September 20, 2020.
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