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School Reopening and Adaptive Learning

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Students attending face to face classes in the Adaptive Learning Model must complete daily screening tests. Students must take a screen shot of the completed test and present it to their teachers.

Please see links:

How to do the COVID Screening-1

How to Take a Screen Shot-1


Coloured Zones:

Please use the doors that correspond with the Rotation 1 teacher

Rotation 1 – Teacher list – Coloured Entrances

BCSS – Bell Schedule (Adaptive Learning Model)

Block 1: 8:50-11:20     

145 minutes Face-to-Face  + 5 min Independent Learning

Dismissal/Travel: 11:20-12:40 


Block 2: 12:40-1:30 

40min Remote

10min Independent

Block 3: 1:30-2:20 

40min Remote

10min Independent

Block 4: 2:20-3:10 

40min Remote

10min independent

School Calendar (Semester 2)


Parents and Guardians are invited to use the link provided for more information on BCSS school reopening times and protocols.

BCSS School Reopening


Updated on Monday, February 08, 2021.
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