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Last Call for Food Day Orders

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Last Call for Food Day Orders

Food Orders for February – May 2020 
The CheddarUp site is currently open for Food Orders for February – May 2020.
If you have already placed your order(s), thank you! Please forward this to other parents who you think may want to place an order.
For those who wish to place an order and have not done so, please ensure your orders are placed before the deadline – January 26 @ 10p. We have a Pasta Day scheduled for Jan 31 and we need time to extract the data and organize it for the coordinators. As such, we will not be able to extend the deadline.
Please remember to enter food orders for ONE child at a time. If you enter for all your children on one order, we will not know who needs to get each item.
Please click on the link below to access the order page.
Any questions, please email balaclavahands@gmail.com


Cheddar Up Reminder

Updated on Tuesday, January 21, 2020.
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