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Last updated on Wednesday, October 19, 2016.

Some teachers have class websites where they will post items such as newsletters, photos, homework hints, etc. The decision to maintain a website is up to each teacher. To visit a teacher’s website click on their name in the chart below.

School Staff 2015-2016
Kindergarten-Rm 13
Mrs.Smith, Ms.Vandenburg, Mrs. Amaral
Kindergarten-Rm 14 Mrs. ZandstraMs. Bourassa
Kindergarten-Rm 1 Mrs. Martin
Grade 1/2 – Rm 2 Mrs. Moulton
Grade 1/2 – Rm 3
Mrs. Ho
Grade 2/3 -Rm 4
Mrs. Berta
Grade 1 – Rm 5 Ms. Leier
Grade 2/3 – Rm 6
Ms. Duemm
Grade 4 – Rm 9
Mrs. Andreychuk, Mr. Gunell
 Grade 4/5 – Rm 12
Mr. Pitkeathly
Grade 5/6 – Rm 8 Mrs. Brandon-Rooth
CN Classroom-Rm 10 Mrs. Montgomery
Phys. Ed. Mr. Gunell
Library Mrs. Tadeson
Music Mrs. Andreychuck
French/Drama Mme. Bognar
Learning Resource Mrs. Weresch
Educational Assistants Mr. Comtois
  Ms. Doan
  Ms. Duncan
  Ms. Radic
  Ms. Jewitt
  Mrs. Laslo
  Ms. LeBlanc
Office Administrator Ms. Wright
Principal Mr. Maudsley
Caretaking Mr. Marshall, Mr. Siyad,