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Guy B. Brown


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Over the past five years we have looked at a number of options to try and respond to the heavy car traffic during morning entry time (e.g., changing signage on the street to allow cars to stop/park on the school side of Braeheid Ave., widening the upper driveway to allow cars to park and pass more safely, encouraging walking groups, conducting a study with the City of Hamilton). We have had an additional staff presence out front, including covering the crosswalks to assist pedestrians crossing the driveway.

Despite these efforts we have seen an increase in traffic and unsafe behaviour (e.g., backing up into the crosswalk, running stop signs or ignoring the direction of the staff at crosswalks). Given these safety concerns, we cannot continue with this practice.

It is for the safety of all that we are closing the ‘drop off ‘ lane during morning entry (8:20 – 8:35 a.m.).

Eligible families are encouraged to use bus services. Those within walking distance (over 60% of our population) are

encouraged to walk, and for those who absolutely must drive to school, you may use the upper driveway to park or the adjacent streets.

Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.


A parent has provided us with information to share with other parents when battling head lice. Check out this website:   www.happystrandz.ca   for some helpful hints which you may find useful too.  Happy Strandz can also be reached by telephone at 905-813-0022 or 416-928-0022.

School Cash Online

SchoolCash-How To Parent Guide

With the support of School Cash Online, we’re making paying for school related expenses easier. You can now make online payments through our school website or using your credit card. This is a win-win by making it safer and more efficient for everyone by reducing the amount of cash and cheques coming into our school. While parents will still have the option to send cash or cheques for school related expenses, we encourage you to get on board with our new service and register today and begin receiving notifications by email. If your child is moving to another HWDSB school in September, by registering now, your payment history and registration will move with you to the next school.

Updated on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.
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