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Elementary Remote Learning 2021-22– Parent Guide

Dual Track Model

Elementary remote learning next year will be connected to physical schools as part of a dual-track model. This model allows students to learn remotely while being connected to a physical school. The remote teachers will be members of the school staff and the school principal will also be the remote principal. Students will be enrolled in the school that is hosting the class and will be considered full students on this school.

The list of remote classes and host schools for this school year can be found at https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/remotelearning/contact-your-school/

Curriculum and Report Cards – Teachers follow the same Ontario curriculum as all in-school classes. Students receive the same report cards, at the same time, as students in a school.

Learning Platforms and Support – Instruction is through MS Teams and the HUB. Support guides (many translated) can be found at MS Teams and the Hub Parent Support Guides.

Class Schedule – A remote learning class will follow the bell times of the school with the class. Scheduled class time is led by a teacher, who teaches directly to students through MS Teams and The HUB using video, audio and chat. It will also involve a mix of whole class, small group, and individual work. The class schedule will be very similar to an in-school timetable and students should be in attendance the whole time. The remote learning program is not a self-paced schedule.

Classroom time – It is important for families to remember that the scheduled instructional time in remote learning is “classroom time.” This is time for the teacher to connect with students within the class. This time may involve whole class, small group, or individual connections with students. Scheduled instructional time is not a time for a parent to address a concern with a teacher.

Parents are encouraged to arrange times to speak with the teacher outside of these instructional times. Parent concerns raised during scheduled instructional time cannot be addressed, as the teacher is focused on supporting all students within the class. Please email a request to the teacher, to speak of the issue at an arranged time.

Please see the https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/remotelearning/files/2021/06/Remote-Class-Time-is-Learning-Time-2021.pdf resource

Privacy and Security Online – Please see the HWDSB Virtual Classroom Guidelines for Privacy and Security for information about digital privacy and security recommendations.

Student Supports – Students in remote learning will receive all supports through the school where they are registered for the remote learning class. These supports include Learning Resource Teachers and English as a Second Language teachers.

Addressing a Concern – HWDSB’s process for addressing concerns applies to the remote learning program https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Addressing-Concerns-HWDSB.pdf

For most concerns, the best place to start is the classroom teacher. Parents would contact the Vice-Principal and Principal of the school where the student is registered for the remote learning class. Unlike the 2020-21 school year, there is no separate administration assigned to remote learning classes.

Technology Support – In addition to the support documents found at https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/remotelearning/resources/ a series of Tips and Tricks to common technology problems can be found on the “I Need Tech Help” page. There is a dropdown menu beside “Category” to sort topics. Please contact the school your child is registered in for further support.

Requesting a Device – An attempt was made to identify students requiring a device during the initial registration. For families requiring a device, they should contact the school their child is registered in.

Damaged iPads – All iPads remain the property of the HWDSB and it is important that students take care of devices. If a device is damaged, families will need to contact the school their child is registered in to arrange for technical support. A damaged device will be review by an HWDSB technician to determine if repairs are possible. Please note that replacement iPads will not be readily available.

Updated on Friday, June 25, 2021.
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