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Mount View


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Office Staff:
Principal: Elaine Pilgrim-Susi
Office Administrator: Mrs. Donna Adam
Teaching Staff:
JK/SK, Room. 1: Mrs. Milinkovic (on leave) Mrs. Audrey Zandstra (LTO)
JK/SK, Room 2: Mrs. Evangelista
SK, Room 7: Mrs. Wilson
Grade 1, Room 9: Mrs. Jane DeRoo
Grade 1/2, Room 12:  Mrs. Brush
Grade 2, Room 11: Mrs. Michelle Bailey
Grades 3, Room 10: Mrs. Starsha Bishop
Grades 3/4 Room 3: Mrs. Lisa Muir
Grade 4, Room 6: Mr. Marty Ottaway
Grade 6, Room 6: Mrs. Susan Matteucci
French/Library Commons: Mme. Lidia Cotoi
Phys Ed & Health: Mr. Mark Skrok
Learning Resource: Mrs. Stacey Johnson
Primary Reading Specialist: Mrs. Cindy Johnson
Early Childhood Educators:
Ms. Rebecca Lemak
Mrs. Annamaria Daynes
Educational Assistants:
Ms. Kelly Maloney
Ms. A. Winarsky
 Mrs. D. Oliver (.5 mornings)
 Mr. Ron Talbot (Head Caretaker, days)
 Mr. Pat Butts (Afternoon Caretaker)


Updated on Tuesday, May 08, 2018.
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