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System Programs-Learning Together March 2, 2018

Posted on Sunday, March 04, 2018

System Programs Staff (Care,Treatment, Custody & Corrections, System Alternative Education, Gateway & Supervised Alternative Learning) were together at the Education Centre for a day of learning on the March 2nd Professional Activity Day.

Our morning included a reflection on the progress of our students this year, looking at both academic success and improvement in student well-being, which is an essential component to the support our programs provide to our students.  Students come to us not having experienced a great deal of success in their previous school and program placements, and a key role we play is in the re-engagement of youth and in supporting them to become better learners.  Related to this, our Learning Skills teacher learning team shared their reflections on the explicit teaching and assessment of the six Learning Skills reported on the Provincial Report Card (Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative & Self-Regulation).  Our staff also celebrated the progress of their students, sharing the strategies that worked for their students and how success was documented.  Our afternoon continued with our learning journey in Indigenous Education, examining curriculum for ways to embed Indigenous perspectives and being aware of how resources could exclude Indigenous learners.