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Recommendations – Staff

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ARC South Staff Recommendation – An Overview

One important step early in the ARC process is the meeting at which senior Board staff makes a recommendation to the Accommodation Review Committee. This recommendation is a starting point for discussion during the process. ARCs will form their own final recommendations to be presented to trustees.

The January 25, 2011 staff recommendation for ARC South considered each school’s future enrolment, facility condition, school location and future use of space. Schools under review include Barton, Hill Park, Mountain, Sherwood and Sir Allan MacNab.

Staff noted that reducing excess capacity, and increasing enrolment per school, benefits students by allowing greater course selection, more flexible timetables and more opportunities for students to work toward each post-secondary pathway. For HWDSB, there are also financial savings that can be reinvested back into school facilities and programs for our students.

Staff recommend in Phase One:

  • June 2013 – Close Mountain (vocational)
  • June 2013 – Close Sherwood
  • Fall 2013 – Relocate students to existing facilities

Staff recommend in Phase Two, which will only occur with Ministry approval:

  • June 2015 – Close Barton (contingent on Ministry approval for new Barton replacement school)
  • September 2015 – Open new Barton replacement school south of Lincoln Alexander Parkway

A staff recommendation, as stated, is a starting point for the committee’s ongoing discussions, and ARCs will form their own final recommendations to be presented to the Director of Education. The report is then forwarded to trustees.

Find more details by clicking on the files collected below.

Jan. 26, 2011:

South ARC Accommodation Option Prepared by Board Administration

Jan. 26, 2011:

ARC Letter to Barton Secondary Community
ARC Letter to Mountain Secondary Community
ARC Letter to Sherwood Secondary Community

Feb. 9, 2011:

ARC South Letter to Barton Secondary Community

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