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West ARC Delegations

The West Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) is interested in hearing from the community. In particular, the committee is interested in hearing the community’s vision for pupil accommodation in the West Review Area.

The Accommodation Review Committee would like presenters to consider the following:

  • Our region has excess capacity
  • We are faced with declining enrolment
  • The Board has a costly sum of deferred maintenance and can’t afford to maintain existing schools
  • The Board would like to target 100 per cent utilization of the secondary school buildings

Presentations should focus on a vision for the secondary schools in the West area. Please provide input on any of the following areas:

  • Accommodation
  • Programming
  • Transportation
  • Funding
  • Timelines
  • Implementation Plans

The West ARC will welcome delegations at its Public Meeting on Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Delegations will have 10 minutes to make a formal presentation to the committee. The committee will have five minutes to ask questions of the presenters.

Presenters must register with the ARC secretary at least five days in advance of the meetings and provide a written copy of the presentation. The written submission will be copied for the committee members and become part of the official record of the ARC.

The committee will welcome written submissions from individuals/groups not wishing to make a formal presentation to the Board. These may be submitted to the ARC secretary at any time.

If you wish to have delegation status on May 31 please email Tracy McKillop at tracy.mckillop@hwdsb.on.ca no later than May 26.

The May 31 meeting is a Public Meeting of the ARC to be held in the theatre at Ancaster High School. The first part of the meeting is reserved for delegations. It will be followed by an open question and comment period.

Updated on Friday, April 08, 2011.
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