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Science Department Head:

Mr. B. Roddie (Biology)

Science Assistant Department Head:

Ms. A. Cook (Chemistry)

Other Department Members:

  • Dr. T. Bulmer (Physics)
  • Ms. L. Cope (Science, Forensics)
  • Ms. N. Elder (Physics)
  • Mr. T. Groves (Chemistry and Biology)
  • Mr. B. Holmes (Physics)
  • Ms. T. Kerrigan (Biology)
  • Mr. J. Michaud (Biology)
  • Ms. D. Millar (Chemistry)
  • Ms. C. Moore (Chemistry)
  • Ms. J. Nagpal (Science)
  • Ms. T. Rosebery (Physics)
  • Ms. K. Stark (Biology)

Science Department – 905 385 5395 x 247

Information for Parents

Your child is able to access resources and information for their respective Science class using their HWDSB “the Hub” account.

A blend of practical work and theory. Students build up their laboratory skills and have opportunities to use computers both for simulations and laboratory interface activities.

Students are encouraged to become self-motivated, self-directed people. They manage their own laboratory time and take tests as they are ready for them. Creative presentation skills are encouraged.

This provides students with skills that will benefit them in higher education institutions and in the workplace.

Safety Goggles

Science students can purchase their own safety goggles for science class. There are goggles in the labs to share, but if students would like their own then more information here: Goggles Letter.

Science Rotation Schedule

To better serve students and uphold the principles of Westmount SS, the science department has developed an innovative rotation schedule. The rotation schedule can be found here.


Senior students compete in the following local and national competitions:


  • University of Toronto National Biology Competition
  • International Brain Bee


  • Avogadro and Chem 13 News Exams


  • Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Ontario Association of Physics, McMaster Engineering Olympics


  • ASM (Canada) Camp
  • Women in Engineering Workshop – Shad Valley

Note: Grade 11 College Biology and Workplace as well as Grade 12 College Chemistry, Physics and Science will be offered but will only run if there is sufficient enrolment.

Updated on Wednesday, September 04, 2019.
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