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Dramatic Arts

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Department Members:

  • Ms. C. Charters
  • Ms. J. Grant

The study of dramatic arts provides student with an opportunity to take on roles, to create and enter into imagined worlds, to learn about the art of drama, and the world around them.

The expectations are organized in three distinct but related strands:

Theory: The theory strand focuses on form and meaning in drama, and on theoretical aspects of the creative process.

Creation: Creative work consists of creating and presenting drama, and experiencing the roles of performer, audience, play write, producer, technician, and designer.

Analysis: Analysis involves responding to the creation and presentation of drama through on-going reflection, deconstruction, and evaluation.

Drama Courses at Westmount

Dramatic Arts, Open ADA 101/ADA201

Junior Dramatic Arts classes allow students to study, rehearse and implement multiple forms of presentation, using story telling as the focus. These forms comprise the building blocks of all drama.

Dance Drama, Open ATC 201/ATC301

Dance Drama gives students opportunities to express complex ideas through movement and to experiment with choreography.

Theatre Production, Open ADP 301/ADP401

Theatre Production requires students to plan, rehearse, and perform a major Broadway musical, while incorporating all production and technical elements.

Dramatic Arts, University/College Prepaaration ADA 3M1/ADA 4M1

Senior classes in dramatic arts require students to create and perform a variety of dramatic presentations, and to experiment with forms and conventions in dramatic literature, with a focus on global, Canadian and local issues.

Exploring the Arts, Open AEA 301/AEA 401

The Exploring the Arts course provides senior students with an opportunity to study drama in a variety of ways, focusing on a particular area of interest that includes elements of dance, drama, media, music and/or visual arts.

Updated on Monday, August 05, 2019.
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