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Career Planning

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All students enter the workforce. There are many pathways that lead to this ultimate destination. It’s important that you and the adults in your life work together in developing and educational program that matches your strengths, interests and abilities.

Unlock Your Future Today!

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Know yourself and see what you like to do
  2. Explore opportunities and learn about a variety of occupations
  3. Build pathways with teachers and family members to help you on the right track
  4. Gain as much experience as you can through a Experiential Learning (Co-op) experience that will support your career planning

Choose a Career

  • Arts, Communications, and Recreation
  • Business, Finance, Sales and Service
  • Information Technologies
  • Social Sciences, Government and Human Services
  • Trades, Transport and Industrial Technologies

Choose a Destination

  • Apprenticeship
  • College
  • University
  • Work

Get Experience!

Sometime during your high school career, get some experience. There are many ways to do this such as job shadowing, job twinning, work experience or cooperative education(Including Co-op, OYAP or SHSM) courses that can be part of any secondary course. Speak to your guidance counsellor when you go to High School.

Start Planning Today!

Updated on Thursday, March 22, 2018.
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