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URGENT – ACTION REQUIRED – Learning Block # 2 October 13th – November 10th

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URGENT – ACTION REQUIRED – Learning Block # 2 October 13th – November 10th

Dear Student/Families: 

We are beginning to plan for Learning Block #2 which runs from October 13th to November 10th.  We recognize some families may wish to change the learning model for their student for Learning Block #2.   

If your child is choosing to continue with their current model of learning, there is no need for further action.   

If you want to make changes for the next learning block, we need to know the following: 

A)  If you chose remote for Learning Block #1, but want to learn face to face for Learning Block #2 (Per. 2) OR 

B)  If you chose face to face for Learning Block #1, but want to change to remote learning for Learning Block #2 (Per.2) 

Please email any changes to westdale@hwdsb.on.ca no later than Friday, October 2nd. 

Please note:  Once a student chooses to learn remotely for a learning block, they are to remain a remote learner for the remainder of the learning block.  

We also need to know if your child is changing their afternoon Study Hall location. If you have currently selected In School and your child will now be going home for their afternoon classes OR your child is currently doing their afternoon classes at home and now wishes to stay at school in the Study Hall for the afternoon, please email  westdale@hwdsb.on.ca no later than Friday, October 2nd. 

Updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2020.
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