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School Council 2020-2021

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School Council 2020-2021

We will be holding our first School Council Meeting on Tuesday, October 6th from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm. The meeting will be virtual and will be held on MS Teams. If you would like to be a part of our School Council this year and would like an invite to the MS Teams meeting, please email nnicosia@hwdsb.on.ca. We are also requesting that anybody interested in running for the position of Chair, please email nnicosia@hwdsb.on.ca by October 1st.

Provincially-mandated, School Council provides a forum through which parents can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance.  School councils are able to make recommendations to the principal and school board on any matter.  Parent representatives on school council are voting members who:  participate on any committees established by school council, contribute to the discussions of the school council, solicit the views of other parents and members of the community to share, and observe the council’s code of ethics and established bylaws.

Membership of a school council (up to 12 members and a chair) changes from year to year and ideally reflects the diversity of the school community. Membership on the school council benefits the parent involved in a number of ways: being a partner in the education system whose views are valued, contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievement, having a vehicle through which to express opinions and being able to keep informed about what is happening at the school, board and provincial levels of education.

Please join us at the monthly school council meeting!

At each meeting, there are reports from the Principal and also from students representing the various councils and committees in the School, including Triune and the Athletic Council and the Music department.  Usually there is a brief presentation regarding a timely issue such as understanding the process whereby your child selects his or her classes for the upcoming year.  There is always time for parents’ questions. Participating on school council will be a rewarding experience for all those who value the opportunity to make a difference in their children’s education but also those who want to make positive improvements for all students of Westdale.

Updated on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.
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