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Tiffany Hills

Update from Tiffany Hills: Friday September 18, 2020.

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Update from Tiffany Hills: Friday September 18, 2020.

Well, we did it.  With the tremendous support and help from our Tiffany Hills families, we were able to get our students back to school and into classrooms this week!  Thank you to everyone – staff, students, and parents – for your efforts to help make the transition smooth and safe for everyone.  It helped that the weather was working in our favour as well!  The students have been patient and very cooperative with all the new routines and line walking!  Thank you!!

Here are a few reminders and things to keep in mind as we move forward:

  • Please continue to be diligent in the daily COVID Screening with your child. This is important to maintain the safe and healthy return to school.
  • Please report your child’s absence by using the website go.schoolmessenger.ca or by using the School Messenger mobile app for Apple and Google phones, or by calling 1-844-506-4350.
  • Students will continue to gather in the cohort zones on the playground every morning for entry and every afternoon for dismissal. It is important that your child arrive at school on time (before 9:00) to allow for a safe entry.
  • In the event that your child is late, they should enter the school through the main entrance of the building and go directly to their class. They do not stop at the office.  We will record their attendance from the classroom.
  • If it is raining and/or the playground is unsuitable for students to gather, they will enter the building through the primary door and go directly to their classroom and to their assigned seat. For dismissal, students will dismiss from their classrooms, one class at a time, and meet their parents and /or siblings at a pre-designated location.
  • I would encourage all families to have a plan for drop off and pick up that does not include driving and parking on school property. Please consider walking to pick up your children, or parking a block or two away and walking to pick up.
  • All parents / caregivers who enter the school property MUST be wearing a mask.
  • We are encouraging parents to “drop & go” in the mornings. For the back playground, please drop your child off at the gate or grass edge and let them follow the pathways to their cohort zone.  Thank you.
  • Kindergarten parents may continue to enter the playground with their child; however, please practice a “drop & go” routine as your child becomes independent and knows the routines.  Thank you.

There are new updated protocols which must be followed if your child becomes sick and /or does not pass the daily screening in the morning.  I have attached a flowchart to this update for your reference:

  • If your child feels ill at school, we will call you to come to the school to pick them up immediately. Your child will be isolated from the class (supervised, usually in the office) until they are picked up.
  • In order to return to school, the parent/guardian is responsible ensuring one of three things:
    • Your child gets a COVID-19 test and if the result is negative, they can return to school after 24-hours of being symptom-free; or
    • Your child sees a family physician and if they are diagnosed with another reason for the symptoms, your child can return to school after 24-hours after being symptom-free; or
    • You keep your child home for 14-days, and the last 24 hours shows no signs or symptoms, your child can return to school after the 14 days.

Please discuss with your child this protocol and work with your family physician and/or use the Ontario Covid-19 Screening  website.  Staff will not be able to make these difficult medical choices and will not hesitate to call you, in the event your child says they feel unwell.  We want to ensure the safety of all in our school and community.

Thank you all once again, for your support, patience and cooperation to ensure all of our students, staff and families remain healthy and safe.

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Updated on Friday, September 18, 2020.
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