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School Reopening Plan

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Elementary Site Specific Plan 2021 – Tapleytown

Elementary School

Site Specific Plan and Routines for Parents*

School Name: Tapleytown

HWDSB Protocol

and Requirements

School Routines and Expectations
Student Registration All student registration will be virtual. Parents/Guardians may contact the main office at 905-662-2297 or email tapleytown@hwdsb.on.ca
Screening Parents must support students in screening for COVID symptoms prior to coming to school each day. Details to be confirmed.

The school will provide a sign off document to be completed each day

Students will have access to the screening tool on a device or with a paper copy and will be required to show proof of screening to their period one teacher daily.

Parent Access to School Access to the school will be very limited for parents, volunteers and visitors. Contact the main office before coming to the school to speak with a staff member.
Parent Communication with School Continue to communicate with teachers and the principal(s) through phone and email. Contact the school at 905-512-2357 or tapleytown@hwdsb.on.ca to speak with a teacher or principal.

A staff directory can be found on our school website at www.hwdsb.on.ca/tapleytown

Bus loading and unloading School buses will unload at: Main Entrance

School buses will load at: Main Entrance

School Parking Lot Please use the gravel parking lot at the west end of the school (near the portables) – Park along the fence bordering the schoolyard if possible so that students are not crossing in front of moving traffic.

Parents driving their children to school must park as indicated above so through traffic is not blocked and students aren’t crossing in front of moving vehicles.

Do not park in front of the school!  This is staff parking only and is the school bus lane.

Entry and Exit for Students Parents are asked to drop their children off at West Entrance (closest to the portable) and go directly to the back playground.

When students enter the schoolyard, they are to proceed directly to their designated class location (marked by signs on the wall) and line up, maintaining 2m apart.

Students/parents must physically distance (2m) from other families/staff while on school property.
Adults must wear face coverings while on school property.
At the end of the day, students K – Gr. 3 will be dismissed directly to parents from their outdoor designated class location (same place where students gather at morning entry).
Upon dismissal, students must leave school property in a timely fashion.
Parents picking up children may not wait inside the school.  Please dress appropriately and have an umbrella in case of inclement weather.

Movement Around the School Students will remain with their class cohort throughout the day.

Students remain in their classrooms throughout the day.

Subject specific teachers will travel to classes where possible to provide instruction.

When moving about the school, students/classes will walk on the right side, maintaining physical distancing.

Student Belongings Use of lockers/hooks/cubbies will ensure physical distancing from students in other cohorts.

Shared use of lockers/hooks/cubbies may take place within a cohort or family.

Students will keep work materials at their desks.

Class Set Up A sink or hand sanitizer is available in all classrooms.

Each student is assigned a work-space area that ensures distancing from others.

All desks are forward facing.

Where tables are used, use a physical divider (plexi) where available to separate students.

All required work materials are located at student’s workspace

Students may share learning materials with hand washing/sanitizing. These materials will be cleaned on a regular basis.

Kindergarten Kindergarten Teachers and Early Childhood Educators will provide all details directly to families.  Watch your e-mail inbox for more information!
PE, Music, Learning Commons Physical Education (PE)

Where possible, PE will take place outdoors.

Classes may be held in the gym with cleaning of high touchpoints throughout the day.

Students are encouraged to come dressed in comfortable clothes


Wind instruments may be used indoors with distancing.

Singing may take place indoors with students wearing masks.

Learning Commons

Learning Commons may be scheduled for one class at a time (book exchange permitted).

Nutrition Breaks Main building students eat indoors for the first 20 minutes of the break and then go outside of the second 20 minutes.  Portable class students go outside for the first 20 minutes and then eat inside for the second 20 minutes so that greater physical distancing is possible on the playground.
Students eat in their classrooms at their work space area.
No sharing of food or beverages.

Each class has a designated outdoor play area (2 m from other classes).
Outdoor play spaces have been marked with pylons and spray paint on grass.
Students may remove masks during outdoor play.

A schedule will be in place for class cohorts to use the play structures and Gaga ball pits.

Washroom Use Students will use washrooms closest to their classrooms.

Occupancy limits will be posted outside washrooms.

Markings outside washrooms for physical distancing of students awaiting entry.

Students maintain physical distancing while in washrooms.

Urinals and stalls: every other one marked off.

Students may use hand dryers or paper towels.

Hydration Stations Water fountains have been closed.

Students use Hydration Station to fill labelled water bottles.

Markings to ensure physical distancing in line up.

Please ensure your child has a refillable water bottle labeled with their name.

Clubs and Extracurriculars Clubs and extracurriculars may take place for mixed cohorts (masking and distancing required).

No outside program providers will come into schools.

Nutrition Programs Food sales have been suspended at this time.
Ill or Injured Students Ill or injured students will wait in a separate supervised location. The school office will contact parents immediately to come to the school for pick up.

Please ensure you have established an emergency plan for someone that can pick up your child if they are sick and you are not available.  For the safety of others, we cannot keep them at school!

Mask Rules All students must wear a non-medical mask or face covering on school buses and in the school. Contact the principal if you have any concerns about your student wearing a mask/face covering.

Masks will be provided to students who forget to bring one.

Ventilation Parents may access information regarding ventilation at https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/about/school-renewal/ventilation/

*parents, guardians, caregivers










Updated on Wednesday, September 01, 2021.
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