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Sir John A. Macdonald

Community Hours (Volunteer) Diploma Requirement

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As a part of the requirement for graduation all students entering Grade 9 must complete a minimum of 40 hour of community involvement during their 4 years of secondary school.  This diploma requirement is designed to encourage civic responsibility and promote community values.  These hours can be completed after school, during lunch breaks, weekends or during the summer months. Examples of eligible community involvement information guide.  Copies of this guide can be found in the Student Services Department.

Upon completion of a volunteer activity, a brief letter must be completed and handed in to Student Services.  It must contain the following.

  • Student’s name
  • a brief, typed paragraph on letterhead, out ling the activity
  • the number of hours completed
  • the name and signature of the supervisor
  • contact information to the supervisor


Updated on Tuesday, December 18, 2018.
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