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Sir John A. Macdonald

Learning Resource & Alternative Education

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Located on the second floor (room 210), the Learning Resource Room’s door is always open and is a welcoming place where we serve a variety of students with a range of resources.  The resource program is designed to support students both academically and socially. The room functions as a home base and a support program for students who need additional involvement within the school setting. The room is well equipped with both computers and print resource materials as well as staff who are helpful and knowledgeable.

The room opens at 8:15 daily and stays open during lunch-time for students needing a quiet place to eat and do some catch-up work/computer research. Students may also drop by for after-school support.

The following is a range of services provided by the resource team:

  • priority focus: students formally identified with specific needs
  • assess and assist referred students (self or other)
  • monitoring of student progress; home contact; teacher contact
  • creation and updating IEP’s
  • some individualized programming (withdrawal support)
  • indirect and direct support within the regular classroom
  • new referrals
  • annual reviews



Updated on Thursday, May 24, 2018.
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