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Sir John A. Macdonald

Technological Studies

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Courses Offered

Communications Technology – TGJ2O1, TGJ3M1, TGJ4M1

Utilizing computers, design and create websites, full laser colour graphic designs including calendars, posters; create and program your own computer video game, digital Animation, produce documentary short films and learn to be a digital photographer.

I took this class because it seemed really interesting and my friends that took it before said it was an awesome class. -Ingrid

Computer Engineering Technology – TEJ2O, TEJ3E, TEJ3M, TEJ4E, TEJ4M

Gain a better understanding of computer hardware and software by building simple circuits and robots.

I took this course because I like computers, also I am going into engineering after school, therefore I think this class is useful.” -Victor

Construction Technology – TCJ2O1, TCJ3C1, TCJ4C1

A project based woodworking course. Build your own furniture using hand and power tools and learn about house construction.

I learned a lot in this course. I like how its a very laid back environment and everyone helps each other. I would recommend it because it’s a fun course, you learn a lot. You get to make items that will last awhile. That’s the best part, the fact that you made it. -Rebecca

Manufacturing/Welding Technology – TMJ2O, TMW3E, TMW4E, TMJ3C, TMJ4C

Hands on course. Learn to design & manufacture products using a variety of materials & processes ie. welding, CAD/CAM. Projects : guitar stand, Stanley cup, sculptures (metal art).

I liked that we get to put our hands on our work and actually get to experience how manufacturing works. -Andy

Design Technology – TDJ2O, TDJ3M, TDJ4M

Learn how to design and build your dream house. Draw plans, build models to scale and enter the fun bridge building competition.

I took this course because of my curiosity about how houses and tall building were made. I also wanted to try out the tech courses that are offered at SJAM so that’s why I took this course. -Henry

Transportation Technology – TTJ2O1, TTJ3C1, TTJ4C1, TTJ2O1-F

Learn how to save money by repairing your own vehicle while earning a credit. Repair & maintenance projects performed on real practice cars while being supervised by a licensed mechanic. Learn about automotive/transportation industry now.

Best possible class, teaches you everything that you need to know about cars.


Updated on Thursday, May 24, 2018.
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