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Sir John A. Macdonald

Business Studies

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Program Description

The SJAM Business Studies Program enables students to gain the confidence, knowledge, skills and values for immediate and future success. At SJAM, teachers incorporate current business trends into the curriculum and enrich student learning by providing “hands-on” learning experiences.

The goals of the business studies curriculum are to enable students to:

  • gain an understanding of business concepts through the study of subjects such as accounting, entrepreneurship, information and communication technology (ICT), international business, marketing, and business leadership;
  • achieve business, economic, financial, and digital literacy;
  • develop the skills, including critical thinking skills, and strategies required to conduct research and inquiry and communicate findings accurately, ethically, and effectively;
  • apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired through the study of business to a variety of learning tasks and relate them to business phenomena on the local, national, and global levels;
  • develop lifelong learning skills that will help them adapt to technological advancements, the changing workplace, and the global economy;
  • make connections that will help them take advantage of potential postsecondary educational, work, and business opportunities.

Key Learnings

  • Business skills: Knowledge and skills necessary for success in business.
  • Communication in a business environment: Methods, technology, and standards involved in communication within and between businesses (including the use of appropriate terminology, established formats, and state-of-the-art technology).
  • Digital literacy: The ability to use digital technology, communications tools, and/or networks to access, understand, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information.
  • Financial literacy: The ability to read, analyze, manage, and communicate financial information for personal and professional purposes.
  • Ethical, moral, and legal considerations in business: The understanding and/or determination of social and environmental consequences of business practices on the local, national, and global levels.

Business Endorsement Requirements:

  • Certificate of EndorsementMust successfully complete 5 business courses (can include co-op) by grade 12 graduation.


  • Highly recognized by the business community.
  • Excellent documentation to include in your portfolio
  • Excellent understanding of all business concepts for post-secondary aspirations

Courses Offered

BTTIO Introduction to Information Technology – Computers

Students will use computers to learn various application programs and discuss issues related to information technology

BBI2O Introduction to Business

Students will develop an understanding of the functions of business, including accounting, marketing, information technology, human resources, and production, and of the importance of ethics and social responsibility.

ICS2O Introduction to Computer Studies

This course introduces students to computer game programming. Students will build computer games while learning to manage a computer and while investigating the social impact of computer technologies.

IDC3O Webpage Design

In this course students explore the entire website development process by building, updating, and maintaining a live website.

BTA3O Information Technology Applications in Business – Computers

Using computers, students will further develop information and communication technology skills through the use of application software. Students will design and create an e-business website.

BAF3M Introduction to Financial Accounting

This course introduces students to the fundamental principles and accounting procedures used in service and merchandising businesses.

BMI3C Marketing

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of marketing and the influence of changes in the economy and global marketplace. Students will also develop and present a marketing plan for a product.

CLU3M Understanding Canadian Law

This introductory law course focuses on the fundamental legal concepts in Canada’s legal system, such as Criminal Law, Human Rights, the Canadian Charter, and Private/Public Law.

BOH4M Business Leadership & Management

This course focuses on ways in which organizations deal with issues affecting their competitiveness in a business environment. Students will analyze leadership techniques, study issues such as ethics, social responsibility, management of groups, workplace conflict, motivation of employees, and globalization.

BBB4M International Business

This course introduces students to the international business environment and Canada’s place in the world economy.  Students will learn about techniques & strategies to be successful in international markets.

BAT4M Principles of Financial Accounting

This course emphasizes study of accounting principles related to financial statements. Students learn about ways in which information in these statements is used in making business decisions, and about the effects on financial statements.

IDC4U/O Sports & Entertainment Marketing

The purpose of this course is to have students examine and come to an understanding of the various components of the marketing process as carried out with respect to sports/sporting events, and entertainment events.

CLN4U Canadian and International Law

This course allows students to study the historical and philosophical sources of law and the principles and practices of international law. Students build on their critical thinking and communication skills as they prepare for post-secondary education.

Co-curricular Activities

  • Business Career Day
  • Business Studies—Student of the Month Award
  • Business Studies Awards Luncheon
  • Computer Services Team
  • Court House Field Trip
  • DECA
  • Guest Speakers from Business Community
  • Mohawk Marketing Challenge
  • OBEA Accounting Contest
  • Saltfleet Quiz Bowl
  • Stock Market Challenge
  • Toronto Business Trip

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