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Sir John A. Macdonald

Environment Focus

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Safe Schools Team

We have an active Safe Schools Team whose mandate is to ensure that students and staff have access to a learning environment that is safe, supportive, positive and respectful.

We believe that SJAM staff and students have a right to learn and work in a school that is safe, clean and orderly.
The Safe Schools Team directives revolve around ensuring that SJAM is a safe and inviting community by focusing on:

  • Promoting a safe and caring school environment
  • Implementing violence prevention programming
  • Ensuring compliance with the Safe Schools Act
  • Incorporating the Ontario Code of Conduct into SJAM’s Code of Conduct as outlined the SJAM Student Agenda.

Green School Committee (Environmental Committee)

We feel it is important to ensure that staff and students contribute to environmental efforts, both school and community, by promoting the concepts of reusing, recycling and reducing. We have an active Environmental Team who organizes the collection of recyclable items such as paper, cans/bottles and batteries while modeling and reinforcing concepts of reducing the use of electricity, photocopying, etc. Students and staff are encouraged to contribute to this school wide initiative through visual promotions throughout the school and weekly announcements.

ESL Newcomer’s Club

Senior ESL students act as mentors throughout the school year to newly arrived ESL students as well as new ESL students coming into grade 9, to introduce all aspects of SJAM. Students are introduced to the everyday routines, physical structure of the building, extracurricular activities and student supports. This committee’s mandate is to assist our new students in making a smoother transition into our school while fostering leadership in our senior ESL students. This committee is teacher directed and supported.

Updated on Friday, May 25, 2018.
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