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Weekly Reminders

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Weekly Reminders

Just a few weekly reminders…


Monday, September 23rd

  • Nutrition Program starts today

Thursday, September 26th

  • Terry Fox (School Run) Day


Friday, September 27th

  • Terry Fox (School Run) Day RAIN Day


Meet the Teacher (Thursday, October 3rd)

Mark it on your calendar!  Meet the Teacher night will be held on Thursday, October 3rd from 3:30 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.  Please note this is not a Parent / Teacher Interview.  This is a time for your child to introduce you to his or her teacher.  It will be a fun night so be sure to come out and meet your child’s teacher!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE – Attendance Reporting by Parents

Please note that families at all HWDSB schools must use the SafeArrival system to report absences.  Please report your child’s absence by using the website go.schoolmessenger.ca, by using the School Messenger mobile app for Apple and Google phones, or by calling 844-506-4350.  We have more detailed information on our school website and on the HWDSB website at www.hwdsb.on.ca.  Your cooperation in keeping us informed by using this attendance system is appreciated.


IMPORTANT – Is Your Email Address Up to Date???

HWDSB adapted this new attendance system last school year to make it easier for you to report – and respond to – a child’s school absence.  SafeArrival lets you use a website, mobile app, or an interactive toll-free phone number to report an absence in advance.  However, an email address is required in order for you to log in to SafeArrival and to receive notifications.  As a result, it is imperative that email addresses are current in order for the upcoming roll out of this app.  Without a current email address, you will NOT be able to set up the account.  If you are unable to locate your son or daughter through the site or the app, please reply to this email or call the office to ensure we have a current and correct email address in our system.  Please note that this email distribution list that I use to send out Weekly Reminders and monthly calendars is NOT connected to the Attendance program.  If you are unable to locate your son or daughter on the website or app, please click “Reply” to this message and I will manually enter each email address into the Attendance program.  Learn more about SafeArrival at bit.ly//safearrivalHWDSB.

When you reply, please use the following format…

Your Child(rens) Name(s): 

Your Name: 

Your Email Address: 

Your Phone Number(s):  (please indicate whether it’s cell/landline/etc.)

Student (September) Information Forms

If you haven’t already done so, just a friendly reminder to return the completed forms to the teacher so that we can update our files, note any medical issues / concerns, and ensure the proper permission forms are signed so that your child does not miss out on any upcoming trips.  Please ensure you send the completed forms back to the teacher ASAP.  (Please note that all forms that need to be returned to the school are IN COLOUR to make it easier for you.)


Student Information Verification Forms – Two weeks ago, you received a white form called “Student Information Verification” with yellow instructions at the top.  Kindly review your child’s information on the form, make any necessary changes, and return the form even if there are no changes.  This is how we update our files for accurate telephone numbers, emergency contacts, and medical concerns.  Thank you in advance for your help in ensuring our records are up to date.



Have a fantastic week!

Updated on Monday, September 23, 2019.
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