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Sir Isaac Brock

APRIL Calendar and Weekly Reminders

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APRIL Calendar and Weekly Reminders

It’s hard to believe that there are just three (3) more months of school left!  And, with the start of a new month that also means a new calendar.  So please find attached a copy of the April calendar along with a few weekly reminders…

April 2019


Monday, April 1st

* Happy April Fools’ Day!

* Pizza Day ($2)

* Scholars (for those who are attending), ends at 4:00 p.m.


Wednesday, April 3rd

* Scholars (for those who are attending), ends at 4:00 p.m.



March “Integrity” Winners

At the end of each month, Sir Isaac Brock School hosts a monthly assembly where we recognize students.  This month, we extend a warm congratulations to the following students for “integrity”…

FDK1 – Tanish J.

FDK2 – Avery C.

FDK3 – Laeba H.

1A – Mal B.

1/2A – Cash S.

2A – Usman N.

3A – Aaiden L.

3/4A – Kaelyn S.

4/5A – Zainab A.

5A – Rron B.

French – Miah L.

Phys. Ed – Eli D.

Principal – Camila Z.

Congratulations to each and every one of you!

IMPORTANT – Is Your Email Address Up to Date???

Last week, a mass telephone message was sent out by HWDSB to parents and caregivers asking to update their email addresses with their respective school.  HWDSB is adapting a new system that will make it easier for you to report – and respond to – a child’s school absence.  Once this system is deployed in Spring 2019, SafeArrival will let you use a website, mobile app, or an interactive toll-free phone number to report an absence in advance.  However, an email address is required in order for you to log in to SafeArrival and to receive notifications.  As a result, it is imperative that email addresses are current in order for the upcoming roll out of this app.  Without a current email address, you will NOT be able to set up the account.  In an effort to ensure our Attendance program has your current email address, I ask that each parent or caregiver who has custody of a student here at Sir Isaac Brock School please click “Reply” to this email and reply with your children(s) name(s), YOUR NAME, your email address, and your phone number(s)Please note that this email distribution list that I use to send out Weekly Reminders and monthly calendars is NOT connected to the Attendance program.  As a result, please click “Reply” to this message and I will manually enter each email address into the Attendance program.  Learn more about SafeArrival at bit.ly//safearrivalHWDSB.  And please note that the SafeArrival rollout will be translated into twenty-three (23) different languages!

When you reply, please use the following format…

Your Child(rens) Name(s): 

Your Name: 

Your Email Address: 

Your Phone Number(s):  (please indicate whether it’s cell/landline/etc.)


Use of Agendas

Just a friendly reminder that parents are encouraged to make use of the student agendas for messages to teachers and reminders regarding pick-up after school.  By ensuring your child knows who is picking him/her up (and where they are to meet at dismissal) will guarantee that the students are aware of the changes.  We understand there are some instances where last minute arrangements happen and we endeavour to pass on these messages, however, with nicer weather, the classes are trying to get outside for fresh air and it is difficult to contact the classes at the end of the day.

Read, Read, Read!

Parents, wondering how you can help your child learn to read?  Read to them, and with them, every night for twenty (20) minutes.  Ask Questions such as:  What do you think will happen in the story?  What was your favourite character?  What was your favourite part?  What to read?  library books, Raz Kids online, ebooks like https://www.uniteforliteracy.com/, anything you can get your hands on!


Digital Detox

Going with the theme of Earth Day, we should all try to turn the TV off and unplug our children!  Here at Sir Isaac Brock, we are making an effort to turn lights off, clean up litter, and conserve energy.  At home, you could try to turn off entertainment screen media and turning on life!  It is a time to unplug and play, read, daydream, create, explore, and spend more time with family and friends!


Creating a Litterless Lunch 

Let’s face it…every little bit helps!  And litterless lunches are the new recycling!  On average, a school-age child with a disposable lunch generates approximately 30 kg (67 lbs.) of waste per school year.  That means, if your child has 25 kids in the class, they are producing 737 kg (1,625 lbs.) of waste each year.  Doesn’t a car weigh less than that?  So just imagine what a whole SCHOOL produces!  Here are a few ideas to help create that litterless lunch and see what is “in”…

¨ cloth napkins (that can be brought home and washed in the laundry)

¨ plastic or stainless-steel cutlery (even ones that are purchased at the dollar store so you don’t lose your good ones)

¨ reusable food-storage containers (eliminating the use of baggies and plastic wrap)

¨ reusable lunch bags (eliminating the use of brown bags and having to throw them out)

¨ water bottles (BPA-free, of course)

Here is what is “out”…

¨ paper napkins


Kindergarten Registration Has Already Begun

Kindergarten registration has already started for families with children entering either Junior Kindergarten (born in 2015) or Senior Kindergarten (born in 2014 who are not presently attending school).  For your convenience, we have attached a copy of the registration form, and have posted a copy on our website https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/sirisaacbrock/ so it may be printed and filled out before you come to the school.  In addition to the completed registration form, the child’s birth certificate (or proof of birth), immunization information, and proof of address (hydro bill, lease, mortgage, etc.) will be needed to complete the process.  Please share this information with your neighbours as well as families new to the community.  For those who would like to know more about the Kindergarten program, an information evening will take place on Wednesday, May 22nd from 4:00 until 5:00 p.m.  **Please Note – students already attending Junior Kindergarten do not need to re-register for next year.**  For more information regarding kindergarten, please feel free to visit https://www.hwdsb.on.ca/kindergarten/.


Shampoo TWICE To Kill Off Lice!

Lice treatment shampoos are available for FREE through the Bug Busters clinics.  Please use the following steps to help kill off lice…


1. Use the treatment shampoo once (enough to fully coat the hair) and then use again ten (10) days after.  Be sure to use the plastic nit comb provided in the kits, or buy a metal nit comb (approximately $10 at Walmart).

2. To find lice and eggs, focus on the crown of the head, behind the ears, and where the hair meets the neck.

3. Check for lice and eggs daily after treatment up to ten (10) days.  You can use the comb in-between treatments, but only use shampoo on the hair (not 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner or any oils).

Unfortunately there are NO proven ways to prevent lice (example, tea tree oil, etc.).  The best prevention is to tie the hair up at school, discourage hugs and other head to head contact between children.

Bug Busters, Need Help with Head Lice


Vision Testing

Just a quick update to let parents know that VisionWorks did not come in to do vision testing on students last week.  More information to follow as we receive more details.


Transportation Concerns?  

Call Hamilton Wentworth Transportation Services (HWTS) at (905) 523-2318.


Have a wonderful week!  Enjoy the sunshine!

Updated on Monday, April 01, 2019.
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