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Grade 9 Grade 11 Grade 12
Geography of Canada
Travel and Tourism
The Environment and Resource Management
Workplace Preparation
Geography of Canada
Natural Disasters
Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis

Geography is an integrative subject that brings a variety of perspectives, both social and physical, to the study of people, places and environments around the world.  Sherwood geography students recieve the practical guidance and knowledge to better understand their changing world.  The world is waiting!

The Courses

Course Name: Geography of Canada, Applied

Grade: 9 Course Code: CGC1P1
Description: This course draws upon students’ everyday experiences and uses a variety of frameworks, including ecozones, to help students learn about the geography of Canada and the country’s place in the global community. Students will investigate the interconnections among the country’s landforms, climate, soils, plants, animals, and human activities in order to understand Canada’s physical character and diversity, and various kinds of interactions.

Course Name: Academic Geography

Grade: 9
Course Code: CGC1D1
Description: This course uses a variety of frameworks, including ecozones and principles of physical, human, and economic geography, to explore the distinct and evolving character of Canada’s geography. Students will investigate the interconnections between the environment and human activities in Canadian ecozones in order to understand Canada’s diversity and role in the world.

Course Name: Regional Geography: Travel And Tourism, Open

Grade: 11
Course Code: CGG3O1
Description: This course focuses on travel and tourism to examine the unique characteristics of selected world regions from a geographic perspective. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation of the ways in which the natural environments, economies, cultures, and other aspects of world regions interact.

Prerequisite: CGC1D1 or CGC1P1

Course Name: Natural Disasters, University/College Preparation

Grade: 11
Course Code: CGF3M1
Description: This course examines the main elements of the physical environment (climate, soils, landforms, oceans, vegetation), the processes that shape them, and the relationship between the environment and human beings. Students will apply a wide range of geographic tools and methods to explore the distribution and ongoing evolution of the elements of the physical environment on a variety of scales, from local to global.

Prerequisite: CGC1D1 or CGC1P1

Course Name: The Environment & Resource Management, Workplace

Grade: 12
Course Code: CGR4E1
Description: This course examines the impact of human activities on the natural environment and emphasizes responsible resource management, mainly in the context of the local environment. Students will learn about ecosystem structures and processes, the ecological impact of human activities, and sustainable resource management, and will develop practical solutions to environmental and resource management issues.

Prerequisite: CGC1P1 or CGC1D1

Course Name: Canadian And World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, University

Grade: 12
Course Code: CGW4U1
Description: This course draws on geographic concepts, skills, methods, and technologies to analyse significant issues facing Canadians as citizens of an interdependent world. Students will examine the challenges of creating a sustainable and equitable future through the study of a range of topics, including economic interdependence; geopolitical conflict; regional disparities in the ability to meet basic human needs; and protection of the planet’s life-support systems.

Prerequisite: ANY U or U/C preparations course in Canadian and World Studies, English, or Social Sciences and Humanities


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