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Staff at Ryerson Middle School are an energetic, talented and committed group of individuals. Through careful recruitment and selection the school has assembled a staff with excellent qualifications and sound experience. Through ongoing training and development activities staff continually upgrade their qualifications and expertise. This continuous improvement in skills and expertise ensures the delivery of quality education to our students.

Currently staff are under constant pressure to facilitate changes in the delivery of education, brought about by a major shift in how education services are being funded and structured. At the present time staff are incurring a major commitment of time and energy to implement the new curriculum and standards initiated by the Education Improvement Commission, through the Ministry of Education and Training.

Staff at the school are represented by four unions operating under four collective agreements. Collective agreements are negotiated on a region-wide basis through the collective bargaining process to ensure harmonious and productive management relationships.

Under the general guidance of the principal, staff uses a team approach to coordinate teaching. Through a series of committee and staff meetings, staff plan and coordinate their activities and exchange student information.

Ryerson Middle School Staff

  • Mr. M. Hopkins  –  Principal

  • Ms. T. Murphy –  Office

  • Mrs. H. Barlow – Office

  • Mr. R. Morneau – Gr. 6 English

  • Mrs. A. Stanfield – Gr. 6/7 English

  • Mrs. N. Buttenham – Gr. 6 English

  • Mrs. D. Widdup – Gr. 7 English

  • Mr. C. Fazzari – Gr. 8 English

  • Mr. A.Farr – Gr. 6/7/8 Sage Quest

  • M M. Phippen – Gr. 6 French Immersion

  • Mme J. Durajlija – Gr. 6 French Immersion

  • Mme A. LeDonne- Gr. 6/7 French Immersion

  • Mlle K. Pagliaro – Gr 6/7 French Immersion language and dance

  • Mme A. Smith – Gr. 7 French Immersion

  • Mme L. McLean – Gr. 8 French Immersion

  • Mr. D. Weir – Library / LRT

  • Mrs. C. Dockrill – LRT

  • Miss. J. Whitelaw – English/French

  • Mrs. M. Hau – Instrumental Music

  • Mr. P. Melki – Visual Arts

  • Mrs. S. Kennelly- Science

  • Ms. A. Pant – ESL

  • Mme E. Zacharidis – Core French

  • Mr. C. Steel – Phys Ed/Health

  • Mr. B. Galassi – Phys Ed/Health

  • Ms. E. Brown – Educational Assistant

  • Mr. B. Sanders – Educational Assistant

  • Mr. A deVera – Educational Assistant

  • Ms. K. Gaudreau – Educational Assistant

  • Mr. Veldhuis – Caretaker

  • Mr. Shea – Caretaker

Updated on Friday, March 12, 2021.
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