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Ryerson Awards

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Ryerson Academic and Social Awards Program

To encourage academic excellence and to recognize hard work and sustained effort, Ryerson Middle School has developed a comprehensive Awards Program. Awards are handed out on a monthly and year end basis at school assemblies. The teachers and Principal form the Awards Selection Committee. The award criteria are reviewed with the students throughout the year and students are encouraged to strive for these awards.

Ryerson Extracurricular “R” Points

At Ryerson Middle School, students earn extracurricular points when they are involved in extracurricular activities. At the end of the school year, each student´s points are tallied and students are eligible to win awards based on the number of points accumulated (see AWARDS below). Points are awarded based on the activities in which the students participate (see POINT ACCUMULATION below). For example, if a student plays flag football, he/she would get 15 points for participating in an intramural sport. If a student was in the school band, he/she would get 25 points for being on a team that represents the school. If the band was in a competition and they placed 1st, the student would receive an additional 15 points. If the band placed 3rd in another competition, the student would receive another 11 points.

Number of Points Needed
i) – Participation Points
Intramural team or club
20 points per team or per intramural/club
Small “R”
Interschool teams
35 points per team
1st Crown
i) – Performance Points
1st place
15 points
2nd Crown
2nd place
10 points
Large “R”
3rd place
5 points
3rd Crown
 4th Crown
 5th Crown
6th Crown
Extra Curricular Hall of Fame

Grades 6, 7, & 8 – Certificates

Effort Diploma – Given at the end of each term to students who have demonstrated sustained effort

Scholarship Diplomas – Given at the end of each term to students who have received an overall average in excess of 80%

Grade 8 Awards

Grade 8 awards are presented annually at the June graduation ceremonies.

Individual Subject Award – 11 awards are given out to students with the highest subject grade

Effort Award – given to recipients of Effort Certificates for each term

Scholarship Award – given to recipients of Scholarship Certificates for each term

Principal’s Award – given to the most improved student academically and socially

Ontario Principals Council Award – recipient chosen by the principal for excellence and contribution to Ryerson

Lucille Laframboise Memorial Award – given to the top French Immersion student

Ryerson Award – given to the student for his/her overall contribution to school life

V.N. Ames Mathematics Award – given to the top mathematics student

Rotating Awards

Stella Osborne Award – This award is given to the student who receives the most subject awards and is presented on a rotating basis with Tweedsmuir and Bennetto schools. The award was presented at Ryerson in 2000.

Russell N. Eden Award – This award recognizes achievement in the Visual Arts subject areas. The award is presented on a rotating basis amongst Hamilton-Wentworth Schools

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