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Math/ Numeracy

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HWDSB Numeracy

HWDSB’s math website Learning Math Together provides families with information about the Ontario Math Curriculum, Student Learning, Change in Teaching, Helping your Child, and the Renewed Math Strategy (see below).

HWDSB Renewed Math Strategy

HWDSB has launched a new strategy to support Math teaching and learning: HWDSB Renewed Math Strategy 11 08 16

Beliefs about Teaching and Learning Mathematics (from the National Council of Mathematics Teachers)

Please click From Principles to Actions NCTM for information about how beliefs about Math teaching and learning have changed.

Ontario Math Resources

Please see this website for information, ideas and activities that relate to math.

Inspiring Your Child to Learn and Love Math

From the Council of Ontario Directors of Education. Please click here.


Designed specifically to support Numeracy skills for students in Grades K-12 in Ontario. Please click Mathies.ca for amazing Math ideas.

EQAO Video for Parents – Proportional Reasoning in Math

“How Many Nickels Make a Dollar? The Importance of Proportional Reasoning in Your Child’s Math Development.”


Here is a resource that you may find helpful when working with your child on Numeracy. “Doing Mathematics with Your Child”

Learning Math – Resources for Kids Website

Updated on Thursday, December 02, 2021.
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