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The Rousseau Events Calendar clarified

In an effort to share a consistent message with the Rousseau community, the Calendar on our school website will share information relevant to students, staff and parents/ guardians/ caregivers. It is for this reason that you might see our staff meeting dates, or times when staff might be out of the building for training as well as events that are particularly relevant to parents and students.

Searching our School Website

When looking for specific information about a topic, don’t forget that our website has a “search bar” at the top of the home page. If you are looking for information about volunteering, for example, you could type the word “volunteering” in the search bar and relevant posts would appear on your screen. The HWDSB website offers this same feature.

Internet Safety Tips

Ages 5-7: https://mediasmarts.ca/tipsheet/internet-safety-tips-age-5-7

Ages 8-10: https://mediasmarts.ca/tipsheet/internet-safety-tips-age-8-10

Ages 11-13: https://mediasmarts.ca/tipsheet/internet-safety-tips-age-11-13

Information from the Ministry of Education

Please see this website for general information about your child’s learning.

Information about your child’s report card can be found at: https://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/parents/ReportCard_En.pdf

All the Right Type Online

Families interested in developing student keyboarding skills can access https://www.atrtonline.com/new_index.php. 

Together Families

Great resources and information for families from educators. Please see https://www.togetherfamilies.com/ for details.

Voila Learning

Families can access support for students interested in improving their French skills. Please see Voila for more information.

Smart Steps – Free Tutoring

Smart Steps is a registered non-profit organization that aims to assist students grades 1-8 in university cities. We aspire to provide children with more opportunities to advance their academic accomplishments by offering a free tutoring service in various subjects! Our mission is to educate, guide and mentor the children of today by providing an institutional atmosphere and adequate resources for academic development and growth.

Our hope is that our tutors and tutees will meet for approximately 2 hours per week, in accommodation to the child’s needs. The tutoring sessions will take place at one of the McMaster University Libraries available on campus.
More information is available at Smart Steps.
Updated on Thursday, December 02, 2021.
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