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Code of Conduct

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As posted in the Rousseau School Student Agenda)

Responsibilities (Applies to Students, Staff, Parents and Visitors)

Follow the ‘Simple 6’

  • Understand and follow the Code of Conduct for Rousseau School
  • Respect all people, their feelings and their belongings
  • Respect school and neighbourhood property
  • Follow school and classroom routines and expectations
  • Have pride in your school. Keep Rousseau litter free
  • Keep Rousseau peanut/nut safe. Follow special anaphylaxis routines
  • Be polite to everyone and use appropriate language
  • Be on time for school, class and special events and be prepared with materials and equipment needed for each class
  • Complete schoolwork neatly and on time
  • Agenda to be signed daily by parents
  • Walk in a safe and orderly manner “Tight to the Right” keeping hallways safe “Hang, Zip & Tuck”
  • Wear age-appropriate clothing. No bare midriffs or backs, no visible undergarments, spaghetti straps, inappropriate words or symbols, no hems shorter than mid-thigh, no hats inside school, no flip flops. Wear safe footwear. Wear running shoes for Physical Education and have extra shoes for inclement weather.
  • Leave valuables and toys at home
  • Leave stones, sticks, sand, ice and mud on the ground. Snow may be used for building
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. “Rough play” is not permitted
  • Work things out using your words. Make the situation better, not worse
  • Know that it is your right to report situations where you, or someone else, feel uncomfortable, threatened or bullied
  • Bullying, racism, vandalism or harassment will not be tolerated
  • Parents please drop off late lunches at the office not at the classroom
  • No gum
  • No Smoking Anywhere on School Property

Parents and Visitors: Thank you for making your first stop the office.

We Strive to Make Rousseau a Peaceful School

Updated on Tuesday, May 22, 2018.
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