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Fri., Feb. 18th – Beach Day (spirit day)

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Fri., Feb. 18th – Beach Day (spirit day)

Hello Rousseau Community, 

 This Friday, we’d like to welcome students to “Beach Day”, where the sun is always shining even if it isn’t! This Friday we say goodbye to winter and hello to the “hot summer sun” of our imaginations, as we dress in our summer clothes! (under our warm winter gear!) 

Even though we want to have fun, students should still be protected from the freezing cold. So, still wear all your usual winter clothes for outside, but dress appropriately for the spirit day under your coats, snowpants and boots! 

PLEASE DO WEAR THE FOLLOWING: (if you’d like to participate)

  •  Regular boots for outside and your appropriate indoor shoes (no inappropriate shoes such as sandals, flip flops or open toed shoes) 
  • Masks, as per usual  
  • Bright summery clothing (maybe beach or flower patterns?) 
  • Consider wearing optional accessories  eg. Sunglasses, hats, flower leis, etc. 



  • swim wear 
  • large props eg. Pool noodle, surf boards etc.  


Hope students & staff are all able to celebrate this bright and beautiful day!  


Rousseau Student Council 

Updated on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.
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