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Rockton Elementary School

In September of 2020, HWDSB will making an an exciting step forward as a new school opens along Highway 8 in Rockton.  The new school will see the unification of Beverly Central School, Dr. John Seaton Elementary School and part of Queen’s Rangers Elementary School.  In May of 2019, the Board of Trustees selected the name of Rockton Elementary School as the name for the new school.  During the 2019-20 school year, 70 students from Queen’s Rangers joined the “Seaton Campus”, and the current students at Beverly Central will make up the  “Beverly Campus” until the new school opens it doors in September of 2020.

Dr. John Seaton – A Community Leader

Dr. John SeatonDr. Seaton was born at Lakeside, a small community near St. Mary’s, Ontario. He received his elementary education in this vicinity and later attended the University of Western Ontario at London. In 1918, he was graduated with a medical degree.

Dr. Seaton and his graduating classmates enlisted in the Medical Corps of the Canadian Army and the entire group was sent overseas immediately. Dr. Seaton held the rank of Captain.

On his return from overseas, in 1920, Dr. Seaton set up practice in Sheffield and had lived in the familiar big red brick house beside the highway for nearly forty years.

Dr. Seaton was typical of the old time country doctor who put his medical responsibilities constantly to the forefront. Despite his long days and nights in pursuit of the medical requirements of his countless patients, mainly in Beverly Township, the late Dr. Seaton still found time to follow closely and participate in all undertakings of his home community.

Dr. Seaton had been Coroner for beverly Township and also Medical Officer of Health. In 1928, he was presented with a gold watch by the Sheffield community. In 1954, O.R.H.A presented him with a Gladstone Bag.

Dr. John Seaton in a roomThe greatest influence on the sports scene in our area must belong to the late Dr. John Seaton. He begged and borrowed materials from local people to get enough material to start the first skating rink in the village of Sheffield. It was located on the property of John Hood and this is where the Sheffield hockey team played their home games in the Highway League. This league was made up of teams from Rockton, Greensville, Little’s Corners and Sheffield.

He was one of the co-founders of the Ontario Rural Hockey Association in 1931. A year later he was one of the original backers of the Ontario Rural Softball Association, and he was the first president of the hockey association.

Dr. Seaton presented one of the first trophies for O.R.H.A. to the Intermediate “B” Hockey. In 1963, Mrs. John Seaton presented a trophy to the Pee Wee “C” O.R.S.A in memory of her husband.

Excerpts taken from the book The Pioneers of Beverly by John A. Cornell

House of Dr. Seaton

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