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Rockton Staff for September

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Rockton Staff for September

Hello Rockton Families,

Below is the list of Rockton Staff for 2020/21.  Please note that there is very high likelihood that September will look very different and all of this is subject to change.  Note also that we are already going over some of our enrolment caps in Primary classes (Grades K to 3) so it is likely that all classes will change by the end of September when we re-organize.  Students will be greeted on the first day and we will help everyone find their way to their homerooms.

Have a wonderful summer.  Stay safe and healthy and we look forward seeing you in September.

Jessica Blair No ECE JSK
Lisa Biro Jayne Marlor JSK
Lindsay Plumstead Shirley Banach JSK
Cindy Wolf Michelle Hall JSK
Jessica Cross Gr. 1
Christie DeRuiter Gr. 1/2
Nikroo Faragheh Gr. 1/2
Joanne Nichols Gr. 2/3
Kelly Breen Gr. 3
Serena Andrade Gr. 3/4
Moe Grodde Gr. 3/4
Chris Cook Gr. 4
Chelsey Roche LTO mat leave Gr. 4/5
Aaron McMath Gr. 5
Sarah Galoni Gr. 6
Julie Burgess-Nichols Gr. 6
Sherri Burgess-Hertner Gr. 7
Ryan Movre Gr. 7
Jamie O’Connor Gr. 8
Erin Heneberry Gr. 8 / Library Gr.8
Ryan Barrett French/Prep FSL
Gerda Fermand French/Prep FSL
Jen Bell Inst. Music/Prep Music
Tamara Baggio LRT Spec. Ed
Ross Nichols PHE/Prep Phys. Ed.
Marcia Taylor Office
Deb Jeffery Office
Tracy Fairhall Ed. Asst.
Kailey Wolnowski Ed. Asst.
Melissa Mullin Ed. Asst.
Angelo Lucci Caretaker


Updated on Friday, June 26, 2020.
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